Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dry feet are happy feet!

Let's face it - I am lazy!  Shocked?  Well - I hate to put on winter boots. I think the only time I wear them is when I am walking the dogs or when I am shoveling the driveway. I like to wear my running shoes. Plain and simple - takes the guess work out of what to wear!

My running shoes have been working fine EXCEPT that now it is messy and wet outside - and well running shoes aren't really appropriate. And besides I think my running shoes have had their day. ACK!!!!!   I love those shoes.

My running shoes
See - the backs are crapped out!

I know that my chiropractor was NOT happy when I started to wear those shoes. Not enough support for an old lady like me.  Well I put orthotics in them and I was happy. But I think they have to go.  Perhaps I can save the tags off them and do something funky with that???

So I grabbed the next pair of running shoes that were in the closet. I know - I HATE wearing winter boots.

Another pair of running shoes

Another old pair - hey - I do have a brand new pair of running shoes, but certainly not going to wear them outside in this weather!

I remember once when I was doing a 5K run or something like that - many years ago. Some guy behind me said "Someone needs a new pair of running shoes!"     Ooops - I don't think this is the same pair!   But they would be right if they said that.

Well my feet were not happy in these shoes because one of my feet got just as wet as when I wore my orange running shoes. CRAP - am I going to have to break down and put on my winter boots????

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Wait a  minute - I was at Target the other day and look what I bought. They will be perfect to wear in this weather.
Funky rain boots

These boots are awesome - they are high, but not so high that they bug my calves and my fat legs fit into them. I'll be able to wade through deep puddles in the forest in the spring. Perfect - I even went out without socks and I was just fine!!!   Despite the fact that I tripped over my feet the moment I put them on! But I was still in the house and I'll blame the floor for that!!!!

So now my feet will be happy - I hope!!!!

And look - I could always buy these new orange running shoes..............

Adidas by Stella McCartneyDiorite Adizero sneakers
Hey - these are Stella McCartney!!!!

Or how about these???

Seriously???   someone would wear these????

A great day of sewing and quilting. I am making good progress. Never seems to be fast enough!!!!  It is the sheer quantity of stuff - I am sure if we all had the exact numbers of stuff - well - it wouldn't be pretty so we don't go there.

I had to clean everything away last night and this morning. It is applique day and all table space is on deck!!!! I am almost done squirreling stuff away and wouldn't it be great if it stayed away until I was ready to work on it. My shelf is working OK - but the quantity of stuff always seems to exceed that shelf space by a LOT!!!!   Must work faster - must work harder!   Oh I don't think so!!!

I did get a label sewn on last night while watching my movie

 I am now working on sewing bindings on quilts. I think there are seven more that need to be sewn on - some little, most are lap size.  So progress is being made and I spent a good part of the day cutting those Itty Bitty Blocks from Quiltmakers!!!   Oh yes - the cutting table is quite the mess and I'm leaving it that way today!!!!

I did teach the tablerunner class at Ruti's yesterday morning. Actually it is the Quilting Inspirations class.  We make a table runner one month and the next month - we chat about different styles of quilting to use on that particular table runner. There were only four in the class yesterday but boy they asked questions enough for 10.  They had tons of show n tell, but I only managed to get one picture!!

Yellow Brick Road quilt 

Anyway - we have had such an amazing response from this class that we are going to run it again in the fall. Seriously - where else would you get to pick the brain of myself and your peers for some amazing quilting designs. Not only that - but you get to practice them and we have a useful spot to put them.  There are people at all levels in the class, but they are all challenging themselves and I have seen some amazing results. The best is when the participants come in BEAMING from ear to ear because they accomplished something that they never thought possible.  I am so happy that they feel that comfortable with me and the rest of the class to share those moments!!!!

And if you are getting your spring calendar in order - don't forget the CreativFestival is April 24 and 25. At the International Center in Mississauga. Two days of FREE (with your entrance fee) demos.  I am doing several which I can't remember at this moment, but I shall be reminding you as the date gets closer.

On that note - I have a couple of seams to sew before the group comes this morning.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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