Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oh oh!

M was down in the studio the other day - I need to make a small item for her and she was searching for some fabric. This is how she shops..........

Oh - look at that sad little face

Her comment - as long as I look cute - you can post the picture!!!

 I am happy to say that she found some nice black velvet and when I was cleaning out a project box - I found a nice piece of black cording. Perfect - now I need to do a bit of embroidery and then I can make the bag!   Yes - I need to fire up that embroidery machine - I have so much embroidery to do - maybe that will be a project for this evening. 

M has been participating in the Humber Entrepreneur program.  They are currently running a contest for big dollars. She asked that I share this video with you. Have a look - I think she did an awesome job on the project and I wish her lots of luck with the voting!!!   Yes - if you like the message in the video - then VOTE!!!!

I am torn between the quilting machine and the embroidery machine. I should be working at both!  I guess if I fire up the embroidery machine, then I can run to the quilting machine and back. Too bad I don't have a computer for the quilting machine - then I could just keep running from one to the one and loading, unloading and threading!

Customer quilt  - DONE
 The next quilt is already loaded and I'll be getting to that as soon as I am done the blog.

I love my sewing table. It is sturdy, it is movable and flexible, but it was seriously lacking in one area. There was very little room on the right hand side of the sewing machine. I set up a small TV table but it became a catch all for stuff. Time for a change.

Sewing table - no room to the right of the sewing machine

By the way - you can order a shelf from the sewing table company, but that was too much hassle. So I asked Joe. Joe is my carpenter guy. And look what he made...............

I love this new shelf.  It is the perfect size and the same height as the sewing table. I sewed on it this morning and things don't want to fall off! I am HAPPY!!!!!!

 Yesterday was knit club. Time to get that afghan done. You know - the one I have been working on forever. Well I needed to learn the Kitchener stitch. Now I could have looked on-line, but Ruthi mentioned that she had a better way to do the Kitchener so I took the project to the store to get help. And I am so glad I did.  It looks AMAZING!!!!!!

The right side of the knitting

The wrong side - see how neat that is?????

Now I have to do a few more immediately so I don't forget.

As I was waiting on the computer to do something last night, I decided to take one more look for that sweatshirt.  Well I did not find the sweatshirt, but I found this instead..............

OH OH!!!!
 Yes - that is water on the floor in one of the storage rooms in the basement. I was LUCKY - very LUCKY as the only thing that got wet was a box of squares. Everything else in the area was in plastic bags.  I had wondered if there was a leak in there because a month ago, I saw a magazine that looked like it had gotten wet.

So ran upstairs to turn on the laundry room tap - the cold water. Ran back downstairs - nothing leaking. Back upstairs - turn off the cold, turn on the hot. Run back downstairs  - yep - it is the hot water that has a leak in it.  CRAP CRAP CRAP - we had just had the plumber in on three different occasions replacing a toilet that needed to be replaced. When he was here doing that, he realized that the main shut off valve from the street was also leaking, so he had to come back for that. I guess the house is getting to THAT age where things need to be looked after. Or we just don't use the hot water in the laundry room tub. The only person who uses that is the cleaning lady and she was here yesterday!!!!   Oh well - I will get it fixed this week.  But lucky that nothing was damaged as I sometimes have that space CRAMMED with the over stock from the studio. It could have been bad!!!!!

Goodies from Thursday sewing. I love when the ladies bring in goodies - OK - I don't because I eat them and I don't need more encouragement!!!!  
 I am working on a project that is horrible. Well the project is not horrible, but one of the processes is. Look what happened to my iron.

Covered in crap!!!!!!!

Needless to say - I changed the technique from what the pattern said - it was so slow and  made such a mess - I was much faster and neater with my way!

On that note - I am out of here - going to get the embroidery machine set up and then off to the long arm.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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