Sunday, February 15, 2015

Seek and ye shall find!

Let me start by saying that it is COLD outside!  I was bundled up with my pop-bottle FUZZY coat which was toasty warm - I just wish the pockets were NOT in the side seams, but who cares when your hands need to stay warm!

My fuzzy pop-bottle jacket

Hard to see in the picture, but it is very soft 
 It is made from recycled pop bottles and I love it although I don't wear it often because it is too warm. Heck - I am still wearing my vest outside.

Anyway - even in the forest - especially when we had to face the wind was a tad chilly! Although the girls were excited to go out, I think they were just as excited to come in!

Another wild day yesterday. I know - the big news would be - did nothing!  But that probably isn't going to happen for a long time.

Oh yes - I meant to tell you about our embroidery club this past week. Well - since most of the regulars for embroidery are also members of the Mississauga Quilt Guild and they have their Community Outreach work day on one Wednesday per month, we decided to take our hands to the work shop.  Wow - it was my first time, but I think we will make it a regular thing. It was a lot of fun.

A HUGE room to work in and we are lucky in that we can store all our supplies in a storage room close by. 

The ladies are well equipped. Three tables together with chair raisers and you have an awesome cutting surface for the batting. 

Some people brought their sewing machines - here is Tish and Lynn hard at work

This is the "store". For those people making kits - you could pick through the boxes to get your fabric. Then cut a kit for someone else to sew. 

This was the sorting station as they had received a large number of boxes of material

Even though I quilt a couple of quilts a month for the group, I think it would be fun to go back. We got to hang out with some guild members that I don't normally hang out with. It is about three hours once a month - I think we can manage that.

Remember that list of stuff that was missing?  Well no luck on that darn sweatshirt - I mean really - where the heck did I put it???   BUT guess what I did find.

Here are my two newly made bow tie blocks for the Itty Bitty Project from Quiltmaker

See that CLEAR plastic box right beside the bow tie blocks?  When I took all the junk out of the box - there were the rest of the Itty Bitty Blocks. If they were any closer to the loose blocks. Well I had a good laugh about that!!!!

Then it was off to the long arm to try and get some more quilts done. I was obviously off in LA LA land because all of a sudden - yikes
I forgot to stop when I got to the edge of the quilt!!!!!!

Customer quilt - DONE

I was hoping to load the next one last night, but I was too tired so will get that on this morning. I am hoping to get three (they are small) done today.

In the afternoon, I taught a class - that mitered striped table runner.

My mitered table runners

Marion had a very soft look to hers
Heather had a VERY busy stripe which she wasn't too happy with

But we were able to rescue it and I think it is going to look awesome! She was much happier with this layout than with the original which was just way too busy for her fabric. 

Betty had this fabulous bright stripe. I love this and wish I had some, but she bought it years ago!

She is going to make the small quilt so the stripe will be  the center blocks, the green is a small border and the other is the big border. It is going to be awesome!!!!

Have you heard the expression - work under pressure?  Well someone showed me a new expression - something to the effect that working under pressure no longer works. Nope - we need EXTREME pressure to get anything done. Well - that is me today.  I have so much to do and this is the last day of the weekend. The ladies are coming to pick up the cat beds today and .................

Well - I still have bags of scraps!!!!!

I also brought home three boxes of stuff - no idea what, but it was rejected by the Community Outreach so there won't be any quilting treasures in there, but I will have a look and deal with it. 
 So I was making cat beds this morning and
happy to report that THIS is what a scrap bag should look like. 
No big pieces - just scraps!!!!!

I guess I had better get the day started!

Have an awesome day and stay warm!!!!


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