Saturday, February 7, 2015

Don't be afraid of me!!!!

We had a super meeting at the Mississauga Guild this past week. Loads of show n tell. And if you would like to see the show n tell - there is going to be a quilt show in a couple of months.  Check out this link to get more details.  Don't worry - I will be reminding you often!!!

And if you want raffle tickets on the two quilts (you can see them at the above link)  - I've got tickets!!!!   They are both beautiful quilts and I wouldn't mind seeing one of them in my house!!!

If you live in Mississauga and DO NOT belong to the guild - why not check out the Mississauga Guild web site.  Lots of stuff happen each month - it is a great guild. There is oodles of information on the site - even if you do belong to the guild - do you check out that web site on a regular basis???   There is also a list of quilt-related events as well on the web site- there is LOTS of stuff coming up!!!!  Get out your calendars!!!

At the guild meeting, I got a couple more bags of scraps.  Thanks to Peggy and Heather!!  If anyone has scraps that they don't want - this could be those cut off strips of batting and backing that MOST people throw in the garbage or just your scraps from cutting. Anything that you would throw away - I will take. We need stuffing for our pet mats. Lots and lots of stuffing!!!!

Three more bags of scraps

Scraps from paper piecing class last weekend!

 I tell you people are very WARY to give me their scraps.  What I throw out and what they throw out are two different things. I hear people are re-evaluating what a scrap is!!!!   Don't worry - I won't be judgmental - what you throw out is my win!!

Check out the pet mats if you want.   We will take scraps - all fabric scraps and pillow cases if you have any you no longer want.  I took in the sample I had made and Diane was thrilled. The kitty cats are going to be very happy and cozy warm.  Some of these cats are going to be sheltered in warehouses. They get to sleep inside out of the weather and they keep the mouse population down in these warehouses. A win-win for all.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day - gosh I can't even think what I did!  Oh - I think I was home for most of the day. But I went to Chapter's to get this food journal.  I thought it would be a great thing to use - I know that I will NOT be shamed into writing down stuff that isn't good for me and I won't lie or cheat.  So I think after I use up all the pages - well there are more pages in this pad than there are weeks in a year - I should have developed some good habits by then.

Food journal pages

It really isn't as hard as you think it might be.  I find that I can easily talk myself out of things -well most times.  I used to have at least one hot chocolate every day - sometimes two or even three. And they were large. Then I managed to switch the word LARGE to MEDIUM. Then I was able to switch to tea. But then I wanted LOTS of tea every day. Well now I can pretty much tell myself to have ONE tea from Tim's, and the rest I can make at home. We have loads and loads of varieties of teas so that isn't a problem.

I just have to keep that voice in the back of my head and I think I will be OK!!!!   I really really really want to be successful with this 90-day challenge.  The only person I will disappoint is myself and I deserve better than that!!!!

I watched another movie last night and got more binding done. Oh yes - I managed to get all that stitching ripped out of the blue and white quilt.

Quilting in the sashing is GONE!!!

At some point - I will get it on the long arm and requilt the sashing with white thread.

My goal is to keep ripping through these projects.  I will never get them all done, but I am going to have a blast trying!!!!!!!!!!! And every time one more is complete - the weight on my shoulders gets a littler lighter.

On that note - I have another one that I need to get done today and I better get started.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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