Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Day!

Well no group sewing yesterday, but that didn't stop me from visiting a quilt store and I still got lots of sewing done!!

First thing up though was to attack that driveway. There was a LOT of snow.

Actually it didn't take that long to shovel all the snow away.  Maybe an hour?  I went out a couple of times - no need to strain the body all at once, although my knee woke me up in the night!  I had to laugh - well M had to get to work, so she was first out the driveway, but certainly not very handy with a shovel!!!!   I got about half of the driveway done and then off to get some Tim's. Now that's Canadian! EH!!!

Driveway cleared!

We do have a problem every year. Well - every snow fall. You see we live on a cul-de-sac with a HUGE curve in the street and we are right on that curve. My two neighbours have a tendency to put the snow from their driveways INTO the street. Which they are not supposed to do, but they do anyway because they don't want to lift it to the side.

Looking to the neighbours - see all their snow dumped into the street!!!!
Did you see how deep the snow was????   Yes - even the bottom of the SUV was dragging on the snow!!!

Our biggest issue is that when the contractors come to plow the street - they come along and what is in front of the neighbours usually ends up at the end of our driveway.

Last night, I was downstairs and I hear the plow go by. The rest of the family is totally oblivious!  I run upstairs and yep - the plow is on the street.  I knew it would take a bit to clear the street so back downstairs. Then I can hear BEEP BEEP BEEP (the backup warning) and it was pretty loud. Oh god - they are clearing the curve - what kind of a mess did they leave us with?  I run upstairs and almost had a heart attack as the big equipment was BACKING into our driveway as far as he could with three cars parked there.

NO WAY - NO WAY - he actually backed into all THREE driveways and pushed the snow AWAY from the end. I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!   I ran downstairs to get the camera and he was already into the next driveway!!!

This lovely man pushed the snow AWAY from our driveways!!!!

Do you see - there is NOTHING to shovel at the end of my drive (bottom right!!!)
 Let's just say that I was pretty excited and I bet the guy didn't realize the audience he had because we were all watching him. My family just thinks I'm a lunatic!!!!

Actually yesterday was an AWESOME day.  It was the first day of Rrroll up the Rim at Tim Horton's. OK - I didn't win anything, but still excited that it has started!!!

Roll up the Rim to Win!!!!

And I managed to get some sewing done.  As I was sewing, I had enders and leaders going. As I got to the end of this pile of half square triangles - I was short some green. Dug out the project box and cut the missing pieces. These are for Vintage Moments and I would rather have a few extras than not enough - I didn't bother counting!

Enders and leaders!

All sewn and ready to trim!
 When I finished up with those - it was time to move to the next enders and leaders project.  These are the Itty Bitty Blocks from Quiltmakers.  If you haven't stumbled upon this - I will post the links in a second.

Pre-cut enders and leaders - 

Itty Bitty Blocks for January - (I still have more to make) - bow ties  (these are 3 1/2" UNFINISHED)

Itty Bitty Blocks by Quiltmaker - January

  Itty Bitty Blocks by Quiltmaker - February

So what was I sewing while I was doing those enders and leaders???   Trying to get a couple more samples done. I was struggling with this one and I sort of had it started a while back - OK - a long while back when I did a class on striped fabric for the Mississauga Quilt Guild back in September.

Blocks for a table runner on the wall
 I was struggling with this because I did not like the jagged edge. Then while at Ruti's (more on that in a second), I had a brain storm. I had gone to see if they had more of this striped fabric - NOPE and none at Hobby Horse. Then I thought I would add a setting triangle to the edge and make that edge straight. That would allow me to bind it like a regular piece and I was good to go.

Bought a half meter of fabric - brought it home, cut it up and look..............
The setting triangles - much better

The completed top for the table runner!!!!
 I am so glad that I added those pieces on the side. This is a class at The Hobby Horse on February 14.  It is a pretty cool concept!  You should come and check it out.

Well I had leftovers of the blocks - a LOT of leftovers and there is enough to make two more smaller runners.  The old me would have put them in a box to be dealt with another day. Nope - I am going to work on them later today. Which is why I am really late with everything now because I am trying to finish stuff off rather than put it away!!!

Leftover blocks for two more small runners
 While I was at Ruti's, I thought I would just buy some binding and I bought this red. But I am thinking I want a dark green. Must check my stash today.

Red - potential for the binding?????
However that wasn't the only thing I worked on.

Back when I was teaching that class on the striped fabric - I started with this stripe which I just love. There was only one meter.   Hmmm - what can we do with one meter???

The leftovers of the original fabric

I used the SAME technique for this quilt and the table runner!!!   Same technique!!!!

I just whacked the blocks onto the design wall and then changed them up a bit in places. 

The top is now sewn together

Went digging through the stash for some borders.  Hmmm - found a nice purple, but not enough for the inside border and the binding.

Found this for an outer border - wow - pretty much same colour as the inside, but NOT the same fabric as what I used inside. 

So I was off to Ruti's. I called first to make sure they were open. Yep - they were in so I ventured out even though the streets were still pretty icky!!!

Quilt with the purple border
 Of course since I was using a striped fabric in the border - that required mitered corners.
Here is the finished quilt top!!!!

Look at those miters!!!!!   The top right and bottom left are the same and the top left and bottom right are the same. I am very happy with the results!!!!!  The more you miter - the easier it becomes!

Then I was off to search for a backing. Hmmmm - this is perfect, but not quite big enough.

Super choice for the backing

I took the rest of the purple that I had purchased at Ruti's and whacked it on the back. Plenty big enough now!!!!

Another top with borders, backing and binding - DONE!!!!!

So yes - if you sign up for the class - you can set your blocks in either of the configurations and there are several other tricks that we will chat about in class. Call today to sign up!!!!!

And there you have it! A FABULOUS snow day!!!!!!!!    I wish I could have gotten more done, but it wasn't to be!!!!   Got some running around to do today so not sure how much sewing I will get done.

I just got a note from my phone telling me that I should leave soon or I will be late for Pilates!!!!   How cool is that - actually I have to leave by 8:48 according to the phone!

Almost forgot to mention QUILTSocial today.  Taking a look at  machine embroidery. It's way easier than you think!

Have a great day!!!!!


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