Thursday, February 12, 2015

I need a breather................

I am not sure what happened this week, but it seems that I am literally running from one appointment to another. Even though I have book club tonight - I am going to stay home!  I am been neglecting my book club, but then I am getting lots of suggestions and reading other books from my other groups. Not quite the same thing, but will have to do for the moment.

I did have a dentist appointment yesterday and GUESS WHAT?????   The dentist actually said that while my teeth gums could be better - this was the BEST he has ever seen them!!!!!   I nearly fell out of the dentist chair.  Could it be because of my new electric tooth brush????   I haven't really changed my flossing habits much.  Remember - he did not say that the situation was good - but the BEST he has ever seen!!!   There is a big difference.  Still I was happy!!!!

Let me backtrack to Monday!   This is what I had to unpack from Monday or deal with that night. Got some of it organized.

Stuff to unpack from Monday

Finished the second table runner

Binding and backing are DONE!

Second table runner is done

I had a hard time trying to find something that I could use for the binding. But I found something at Sew Sisters. Just have to make the binding and these THREE table runners will be ready for quilting.

Binding for the table runners

Finished the border on this table topper - NOT enough fabric for the binding

Found the backing - YES - I normally do NOT choose a solid, but it was the only thing that went with it. The problem with using older fabrics that have different shades and tones and tints and all that!!!!

You will see what I am going to use for the binding - that is a secret for the moment.

While at Sew Sisters - I also found this flannel. This is perfect for binding as the stripe is printed on the diagonal and so you get that bias binding look, without having to make the bias binding!!!   Don't call to ask for it - I bought it all!

Diagonally striped flannel - perfect for binding
And I managed to get one more seam sewn on these blocks which were supposed to be star blocks, but I goofed when I made the first cut - I cut them in the landscape position NOT portrait.  

Blocks sewn back together
 When I got home - I cut them one more time (there was already one cut like this so I had to continue the sequence - well I felt like I had to)

Slashed one more time!!!!

The big question will be - do I go any further?????    They are kind of big to do crazy quilt with them. Or are they?  There are big places where I could do some machine embroidery?  Decorative stitches with the sewing machine???   There are TWENTY blocks!!!   Well - I will get this next seam sewn - then evaluate the situation and see what happens if I did one more cut or just sew it together or do some stitching. ACK!!!!  

I have more pictures of what the others were working on, but no time for that this morning. It is Thursday Therapy and I need some "down" time.

Oh - before I forget - the NEW issue of QUILTSocial eZine is available online.   I haven't even had a chance to check it out. It came on-line this morning!!!!   Enjoy!!!   And pass that link along to all your friends. Let's crash that servers from demands for the eZine!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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