Sunday, September 6, 2015 last!

I am very happy to report that the rainbow batik quilt - MIINE is done!!!!!   Yep - I got busy yesterday - well and this morning and finished it up.  I am very very happy with it.

My rainbow batik quilt top - DONE

Originally I was going to put some borders on this one but since I made it bigger - it doesn't need borders.  Hmmm - I could use that fabric for the backing however when I did some measuring - the quilt top is 56 by 72.   Hmmm - that is a perfect width to put MINKY on the back and it can become a snuggly lap quilt. Not that I need another one - but why not.  On a cloudy dull wintery day - this will cheer me up!!!!!

So what happened wtih the leftovers?????   I was dying to see what they would look like on the wall.  I started with the green row since I only have 6 of them.  I thought I only had two, but like I've said before - math (visual math) is obviously NOT my strong point.

I think it looks pretty darn good for leftover blocks. There were 49 leftover blocks - don't ask - the total number of blocks was 238. Three times 63 plus 49. I don't even remember how many kits we had - or where they all came from but bottom line - they are done!  And no leftovers. I love that!!!!   The blocks were done in groups of 6 - so  I made 39 of block sets and somehow managed to get four extra pieces of batik squares.   I have no idea what happened.

However there is one thing about the above quilt that bugged me when I put the blocks up. Can you see it?????

The final version
Do you see what I did????   Swapped the bottom right for top left and it is much better.

Got two more pet mats done this morning. Oh the treasures I have found in the scrap bags!!!!   Between the scraps and working at Northcott - I will NEVER have to buy another piece of fabric!!!!   If only that were true.   I should rephrase - I will never HAVE to buy fabric, but I will WANT to buy some!!!!

Two more pet mats for a total of 9 or 10 going out today

This morning I was digging out some change to get tea at Tim's and OH MY - I found a penny.  How quickly we forgot about the penny.  I don't miss it - do you????

Found a penny!!!!

Notice that Photoshop allowed me to upload a picture of coins, but NOT bills.

Taught TWO classes yesterday - we are going to have fun.  It is not too late to join up if you want.   Check out the info below.

Ruti's Needlebed
10 Thomas Street - Streetsville (Mississauga)
Phone Number - 905-821-9370

Table Runner (Quilting Inspirations)   
1st Saturday of every month (September to June)
10:30 AM  
ALL levels welcome

In month one, I'll cover the piecing instructions of a tablerunner. Show n tell is also welcome as are questions about anything quilt related. That's the easy part!  The following month, we'll look at options for quilting the table runner. The focus will be on inspirations for free motion designs, but if straight lines work better - we'll cover that as well. We'll be chatting about all things free motion - thread choices, types of batting, backing, how to finish off the edge of a project, labels, sleeves - you ask the question - I've got the answer. The goal is to make an inspiration book with quilting designs. 

This is a great class because you get to come back every month to see how others have intrepreted the piecing instructions and then to see how different styles of quilting and thread choices can affect the final project. We will be working from ONE BOOKLET "On The Run Again" by Anka's Treasures. In total we will make 5 table runners and finish all 5 of them!

If you cannot make the Saturday class, Ruthi will be teaching the same class on the 4th Tuesday. 

On The Run Again by Anka's Treasures

Garden Quilt
1st Saturday of every month (September to June)
NO applique experience required!

This fun applique project by Amy Bradley allows you to build a whimsical and beautiful garden without getting your hands dirty!  We are going to focus on fusible applique, but other applique technqiues will be covered. I've got some great embellishment tips, tips on thread choices, fabric choices and loads more. It promised to be a lively class and I can't wait to see how our gardens grow!   We might even work in Applique with the Brother Scan n Cut so if you have one - this might be the class for you!  ( I'm commited now that I wrote that!) Quilt is 52" by 64". 

|Garden quilt by Amy Bradley

Please note the FIRST SATURDAY is September 5  - so think quick!!!!!!   Actually, no thinking required - sign up - you won't be disappointed!!!!!    Please note - that the class for Jan will be held on Jan 9, NOT Jan 2. I think you'll agree with me. 

Call Ruti's at 905-821-9370 to sign up

On that note - I have a date with the long arm.  

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I really, really like the quilt of colours :) is it only in a kit? Maths lets me down everytime thankfully hubby works with numbers all day so hes my go too guru hahahahaahah

    1. check out the blog post today to see one of those rainbow quilts done in greens