Saturday, September 5, 2015

Medical Emergencies

Are you prepared for a medical emergency?

I took first aid many many years ago and to be honest I don't really remember any of it. It would be good to have a refresher or in my case - basially starting from new.

We had a medical emergency in the office yesterday. The ambulance had to be called. I don't know any details, but my thoughts and prayers are with the family that everything is going to be OK. It's a bit of a scary thing to say the least. Fortunately one of the ladies in the office has up to date first aid training which is good because it took over ten minutes for that ambulance to arrive.  A very long ten minutes. Which if a person is choking is probably a bit too long!

Here's something that we should all think about as this person's emergency could have happened anywhere!!!!!!    Who knows where you are?  Do you always carry ID with you - YES - even when you walk the dog. The last thing you want is to be lying in a hospital and the medical staff have no way to know who you are or how to contact your loved ones.

In 2006, an OPP officer was killed when he was riding his bike in Milton. He had no ID on him and they were able to figure out who he was by his bike.  The bike had a sticker from a local bike shop and the bike shop knew whose bike it was. Then they were able to attempt to contact his family members. The sad news - that OPP office died of his injuries.   His wife created a program called Share the Road in his memory and every year there is a bike ride.

So - you don't want to carry ID with you all the time or you forget?  Well - you can always look into the ROAD ID bracelets. There are predominantly made for people who run, cycle or any other kind of sport, but you could wear it all the time like I do. Or even better - they now have the little tag that you can put on your FITBIT!!!!!!   Now you only need to wear ONE bracelet - not two.  I must get mine ordered.
My FitBit and my Road ID bracelet

In future - that little metal plate will sit ON the FitBit so I only need to wear one thing.  That will be awesome.

Anyway - all that to say that you really should think about being prepared in a medical emergency and having some kind of identification on you at all times.  Perhaps we need to be microchipped???  or tattooed????  I think  ROAD ID on my Fitbit will do for now.

At long last - I got my sewing machine set up in my OFFICE.  Yep - there is enough space and so this is the veiw from my desk.  The plastic insert for the Husqvarna Viking 100 H|Class worked like a charm. I didn't have to adjust the height or anything - just plunked the sewing machine in and I was ready to go!!!!!  I can't say enough about that table. I sewed for a month on that table in PEI and I just LOVE it.  I have two different inserts - one for my little machine and one for the bigger machines which fortunately all have the same body.

The iron and cutting mats are in the sewing room which is down the hall. That is a good thing as my FitBit is getting stressed out. It rarely hits 10,000 steps these days and that is NOT a good thing.

Sewing machine set up in my office

I am writing a generic version of our 20  Minute Pillow Case pattern that will be on our web site as a free download - soon.  As I rewrote the instructions, I made a pillowcase to ensure that what I wrote made sense.  I didn't quite finish the pillow case (yes - even though it is called a 20 minute pillow case - better make another one and time myself!) But I was also writing out instructions so that took much longer.

Nope - the good news - we had an early finish to the day and that was a very pleasant surprise!!!!!. It was not related to earlier events of the day.

Got the LAST of the cut up squares sewn together!!!!!!   I hope to get the tops organized and sewn together this weekend. I think there are 49 "extra" blocks.  Oh god - I can't help myself.  But WAIT - I must wait until I get them on the design wall and see what to do with them.

On that note - I have loads of work to do with weekend. I'll be teaching two classes, quilting quilts. Sewing quilt tops, making backings, quilting squares - oh yes - it is going to be action packed!!!!  And let's not forget the very sad state of affairs in the garden. I MUST get something done or the neighbours will be calling the city!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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