Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Eating habits

I see the SMILE cookies are back at Tim's and I have a feeling that the pumpkin muffins are back too.  I did have one smile cookie yesterday and that is it for me.  Yes - since I have started work - I don't eat cookies any more. Not sure how that happened and it is not because I don't go to Tim's because I get a tea every morning, but no cookie and certainly none of those muffins.  While they are absolutely devine, they are deadly to the waistline.

Nope this bringing my own lunch is a good thing.  I have breakfast, a late lunch and then I do snack in the afternoon but all healthy stuff and then light dinner. Now will I lose weight?  I don't know - my body is probably in shock!   But I don't need those cookies and I don't even miss them.  That tells me something - I was eating just because!!!!

Although we did have birthday cake again yesterday but that was for the September birthdays and we are now good for this month!

Remember when I first started this job - I didn't have anything to do.  Well - I will NEVER have to complain about that again.  I have a ton of things to do as we prep for Market and QUILTCon which is happening in February.  Patterns to review and write - I am now behind!

There is a ton of research to get done before and during the shows, quilts to design and make or get made.   Oh boy - The list goes on and on!!!!

And let's not forget Row by Row.  Yes - the new theme is going to be revealed soon.  Sorry - NO ONE knows the theme. Well a very select few and I am not included in that list.

My kit cutting is making good progress.  The laundry basket is almost full.

Kit components
But there are still bolts of fabric. Well you see - some of the fabric I have cut everything I need, others I have only cut half so far!!!!    Anyway - the good news - there will be fabric left over for the backings of some of the quilts.  Yeah!!!!   Can't wait to get started.

Fabrics waiting to be cut

I don't think I will tell you what my schedule is going to be like for the next month. Let's just say that it is going to heads down, pedal to the metal and no stopping!!!!!!   I LOVE it - it's like being on a quilting roller coaster that doesn't stop!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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