Friday, September 11, 2015

Girls just wanna have fun!!!!!

Isn't life supposed to be about having fun???   I think so - the more fun the better.  And I do think I am blessed because I LOVE my job and so far I am having loads of fun with it.   A lot of that is what you make of life for sure!  Mine has always been about having fun - well I try!!!!

I took this picture in the summer time at an airport somewhere.  There was a display on adult colouring books.  Yep - even at the airport. And there were markers/crayons as well.  Just the thing to keep you entertained on a long flight.

Adult colouring books at the airport

Now here is the thing - those adult colouring books have exploded.  If you go to Chapter's there are MANY MANY versions of these adult colouring books and it seems that every time I go - there are more.  I have resisted - well maybe I bought one, but there is a problem with most of them. The images are extremely busy.  Yet these books are promoted as relaxing!  Well - if I had a picture with a lot of little bits - I am not sure that I would find that relaxing to colour. The book that I chose has big images in it.  I believe I heard someone say a while back that they prefer children's colouring books because the images are HUGE and that may be the most relaxing of all!!!!!

Here is the link to the article I wrote in the summer (QUILTSocial) where I mentioned the adult colouring books.

And here is an article about adult colouring books!  Oh yes - they are HUGE!!!!!!

Last Friday I went out for dinner to celebrate Maria's birthday!   Half (OK - more than half) of the table was her family and then there were the quilters on the other end of the table. It was especially nice for me as I don't get to chat as much with my sewing buddies since I started to work.  Had a blast and big thanks to Tamara (Maria's daughter) for inviting the quilters along!!!!

The grandaughters, the daughter in law and the daughter

From the picture and the presentation they made - you can tell that they are trouble makers!!!!!

It was a great evening out.

And if you still want to have fun - did you know that Northcott has a line of fabric called Girls Just Want to Have Fun?????   It will be hitting stores in April 2016.

On that note - I'm off to work to see what fun awaits me!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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