Friday, September 4, 2015


OK - it's time - out with the old and in with MY STUFF.    I was in such a hurry to change the quilts in my office that I forgot to take pictures BEFORE I took the quilts down.  Here is one of them and the big one was from the same fabric line.  Pretty - but certainly not me!!

Quilt I took down
I replaced it with this one. Remember Finding Nemo?????   Yep - that is the quilt that I put on the wall. It brings back a fun time we had with a group exchange - I do NOT remember the year that we did this exchange, but I finished it a couple of years ago.  It was hanging behind the long arm so I must find something to fill that spot.

Finding Nemo quilt in my office
And I hung up A Passion for Purple as well.
A Passion for Purple

Then I went to hang up the next quilt only to discover that it did NOT have a sleeve. When I have hung it up at home, I guess I just pinned it to the wall.  Ooops.  I took it back home.  Now this quilt was for a challenge a number of years ago and I did not have time to hand stitch the binding down - I used 1/4" fusible tape.  It has held up very well!!!!

Binding NOT stitched down - it was FUSED

Perfect corners on the front

And the back - all fused!!!!!
However I figure it is time to finish it off properly so I started to do the hand stitching while I watched a couple of episodes of Modern Family.

Time to get a couple of hanging sleeves done. This one has been sitting in the TO DO pile for a while so I made the sleeves - I like to split my sleeve on the back.

Sleeves made for another quilt

You can barely see the sleeves because they are made of matching fabric
I do like to make them matching and stitch them on if I know the quilt is a wall hanging. If it isn't a wall hanging, then I will pin them on temporarily.

As my tables are a tad full at the moment, I lay the next quilt on the floor to get the measurement. I just left it there and guess what happened................

Yep - that would be Little Sammy commandeered the quilt as her own!!!!!

Little Sammy having a rest on my quilt
So I quickly put her quilt on the floor and she was happy to switch.

Little Sammy on her quilt

Sleeves made for the wall hanging
Oh yes - even though this quilt was made years ago - I still had fabric to match the back.  Can you guess where it was????   Yep - in the same place as all the tractor fabric that I still have!!!!!

I thought you would be interested in seeing all the blocks from the rain bow quilt.   I have ONE set left to sew together and then I am DONE!!!!!!

The last set of blocks to sew together
This is what the wall looks like now.  I will sew the quilt in 7 by 9 configuration and then lay out the remaining blocks to see what I can make with them.  I do NOT want to make more and I think there are only TWO left over green blocks - lots of the other colors.  Oh yes - I will find something. I haven't even counted to see how many left over blocks there are and of course - I have to repair that one with the hole in it.

The rainbow blocks
I just love the bright colours in this - gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I snapped this photo when we were on the highway the day of the wedding. I wasn't driving.

Cool way to travel, although I am not sure that I would want to be in the sidecar!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Loved the quilt.. I'd like to make one myself. Was there a pattern for it or were you just winging it?? Also liked seeing your office.. :)

    1. Genie - PUrple Passion is just a scrap quilt. I sewed scraps of purples together (in rows) until I could trim a block to 6 1/2". I did make a couple of smaller blocks (3 1/2" - same style) and sewed four together to get a 6 1/2" block). Then I alternated the direction of the strips (like rail fence) and voila - purple passion. The green circles were appliqued on afterwards.

  2. Grr... It deleted words -- I was asking about the purple passion quilt.