Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our furry friends

I have been avoiding this post like the plague.  I guess in my mind by writing about it - it will make it true and I have wanted to live in denial for a little bit longer.

If you are a pet owner - you will get this - if you are not a pet owner, then this post will be hard for you to understand.

It is great sadness that I tell you that Sparky has gone to dog heaven.  While I was on my bike trip, she was stricken with another case of canine vestibular.  M phoned me and I knew that the end was here. Sparky did go to the vet, but there is nothing you can do for vestibular but wait to see if they recover. She did not. I got to spend some time with her and we had chats about our life together and we remembered all the good times and the bad. I will do a proper tribute for Sparky but I just can't do it now.

Sparky bored to death in PEI

She went to sleep surrounded by our entire family on August 20, 2105. We loved her so much and while my heart is broken,  I am so blessed that she was our dog.

Me, Sparky and Sammy on the beach in PEI

A tribute to Sparky - our beloved furry friend

Four other friends of mine have also lost a long loved dog this summer  - Petunia, Odie, Hunter and Winston. Hopefully they are all romping together and comparing notes on their neutrotic quilting owners and wondering why their owners were so obsessed with fabric.

I am sad and I miss my Sparky, but I have so many memories and my goal is to capture those memories so when I am old and have lost my memory - I can at least look at the pictures.

On that note - I must pull  myself together and get to work.

Have a great day!!!



  1. I'm so sorry Elaine, I know how hard it is to lose one of our furkids - they are members of the family. Godspeed Sparky!

    1. Thanks PegP. We had so many good times.

  2. Elaine,

    I'm sorry that you've lost Sparky. I think I understand how you feel: I have lost cats over the years and I still think about them. But they are also the reason why I continue to adopt cats: I remember how they made me happy and adopting new cats--rescues, especially--is an opportunity to experience that happiness in a new way.

    1. Justine - thanks for your comment. Yes - I want to get another dog and yes it will be a rescue dog. Sparky was a rescue dog and so is our Little Sammy. And as sad as the moment is - there are so many years of memories - I will definitely get another dog.

  3. So sorry to hear you lost a beloved pet, they sure wiggle into our hearts