Wednesday, September 9, 2015


There are no pictures this morning. The traffic is crazy these days - ever since school started and can you tell me why????   Why are there so many people NOT working in the summer???  So many that it makes a significant difference in travel time????   Used to take 45 minutes to get to work - this morning took 70 minutes!!!!!   OK - got to start exploring with the travel routes again.   I did take a different route to work - 403 to 401, then 427 to 407.  I know - it's complicated but at least I have loads of options.

I guess I have to admit that my brain is getting old?  Or just in a hurry - more likely the latter.  Anyway - I think I mentioned that on my very first day working at the Bank of Montreal years ago - that we had a course on the new photocopier.

We have two copiers in this office. One is colour, the other is black and white.  For some reason, I could not get the black and white copier to work. Every time I hit COPY - the page came out blank.  What??????   So everyone just told me to use the colour one which worked fine. Arlene even shut the black and white one down because it had been acting up. Next day when I went to make copies - a blank piece of paper again!!!!!   OK - this is crazy!!!!!   However, Arlene was standing very close to me when I lamented my problem and then the lightbulb went on.  She said - "I know what is happening".   Turns out that I had my paper in the top left corner of the glass and the BIG ARROW (for the corner) was in the top right corner.  Seriously?????   That copier is backwards!!!!

The colour copier has the big arrow in the top left - where it is supposed to be!!!!!   Oh well - had a great laugh over that one.  Turns out that many years later - I still need a course on the photocopier!!!!  But I am think I am good - I know how to photocopy and I can scan documents and creat .pdfs from them.  Until I have to use the GIANT machine in the back - but I'll wait a bit before I venture to use that one!!!!!

As if the photocopier wasn't enough, the other day I was meeting someone for coffee. I quickly ran upstairs and changed into a clean pair of shorts and out the door I ran.  It wasn't until I was in the line at the coffee shop and went to put my hands in my pockets when I realized that my shorts were on backwards!!!!!!   Oh boy - now is that good news or bad????   They did feel a bit weird but not too weird and that is worrisome. Does it mean my front is as big as my rear ?   Or was I just too distracted to really notice the shorts were ill fitting when worn backwards.  At least they weren't inside out as well!!!!

Had a meeting last night and didn't get home until late - so no sewing and off to the gym this morning where I had breakfast with the gym friends.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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