Saturday, September 26, 2015

The lottery!

Last week someone in the office organized a group ticket purchase for the Lotto Max which was $50 Million.  Out of all the tickets we purchased, we won a SINGLE free ticket.  Good grief!  That same person did NOT want to organize a group draw this week so I decided that I would do it.  Then I thought to mayself - do I want to organize one more thing?  NO!!!   But then Marilou asked me again and so I relented and decided to organize the draw.  

So yesterday I was at the mall buying the tickets so they could be photocopied and distributed amongst the group members.  Well - imagine my surprise when I got back to the office and realized that I had NOT put money in so I was out of the group!!!!   Oh boy - I have done stupid things in my life - but seriously????   Off I went back to the mall to buy my share of tickets.

But that was actually a good thing as I had wanted to take a couple of pictures at the mall (Vaughn Mills) and I had forgotten my phone on my desk.  

There is a Legoland at Vaughn Mills. I love Lego!!!!!   Look at this gorgeous picture - and yep - it is all done with Lego!!!!

Toronto waterfront in Lego
Detail of the waterfront

I had a quick look around as I was in a hurry.   Saw the Lego bike. I have one of these in my office but I had to purchase an entire Lego Friends set in order to get the bike!!!!

Lego bike
They had all kinds of key chains - mostly with Star Wars stuff, but no bikes on their own. Drat!  Well - I don't need a second one either. Unless - they give me this one....................

Lego bike
Yep - I covet that big Lego bike.  It is pretty cute and well - I want it just because.  Perhaps if we win the lottery - I can convince them to sell it to me.

I am NOT good at checking lottery numbers.  I see that ONE ticket in Ontario won the $60 million.  Wow!!!!   It blows my mind to even think about that much money.  I suppose I will check later today, but since others have the numbers - I bet they have already checked!

One other neat thing about Vaughn (besides the Lego store in the mall) is this.   I am a member of LifeTime Athletics.  A great gym - yes it is expensive but to me it is worth it and I feel I get my money's worth from it.

LifeTime  Mississauga
 They were supposed to open a second gym - in Vaughn, but plans got scraped and they opened in Ajax instead.  I heard that the plans were back on for a third gym in Vaughn.  One of my gym friends mentioned that it was on Weston Road, but I wasn't sure where.

I exit the 407 at Weston and the other day when I was sitting at the stop light to turn left onto Weston, I had a bit of an ephipany.   YEP - that is a LifeTime gym.  Now the sun was shining and lots of stuff in the way but that is the location of the new LifeTime.  Corner of Weston Road and 407.

Vaughn location of LifeTime

 I recognized the front top part of the building.  Then got to work and confirmed it on the internet.  That means that once it is open - I can zip to the gym when there is less traffic - it is not the 407, but getting to the 407 that bogs me down.  Then I can work out, have breakfast at the gym or Tim's and zip to work.  I love it and can't wait for the building to be finished.  Not sure the scheduled completion date - I'll check with the gym friends next week.  One of them works for LifeTime so I can get the scoop from her!!!

More cutting on Misty Pines.  I finished a 10 meter bolt last night and all I had left was this skinny little strip.  I still need about 14 inches and will try to get it at Ruti's today. Drat!!!!!!

Last of that 10 meter bolt!!!!

Making progress, but it is hard when I have not so much time!!!!!

Anyway - I have three classes to teach today - two are just one hour long, but all still required prep work and I must get that finished.

Have a great day!!!!!!


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