Thursday, September 10, 2015

Show n Tell

Yes - it's time for show n tell again.  Before I get to the show n tell, I came across this video yesterday from Leah Day. It is interesting that she has decided that her family and herself is more important than being on the road all the time as a quilt teacher.  And she feels (or has felt guilty) about that decision.  Wondering how we quilters feel about her decision.  This is a very tough decision because some of these quilters rely on that travel to make money - it is a tough business.  But seriously - we will all survive if these quilt teachers decide to cut back on travel. Amazing that she thinks (thought) that the quilters are more important than her or her family!!!!  OK - how many of you feel that same way????

Here is the link to her video:

Leah Day - Light up Your LIfe

What we need to be doing is developing local talent for speaking at local guilds.  There are so many talented quilters and yet I have heard over and over - OH - we need to have a big name speaker.  Why do people give so much MORE credibility to big name speakers when many people (local) have way better talents, way more skill?  That is almost the equivalent of how we "adore" the Hollywood stars and who cares about the local actors.

I was teaching a class on machine quilting and told the students to doodle their hearts out on paper.   Then I was at a guild meeting where the "more famous than I" teacher told the audience that she doodles all the time to test out quilt designs.  One of the students came over to me and said - oh - she doodles too, but it was said in such a way that because the" more famous than I" teacher said it - it was OK.  When just I said it - it was a quirk.   Seriously??????   That is disturbing!!!!

Anyway - that's my rant for the day - but I applaud Leah's decision and would hope that more of the "famous" quilters will follow suit.  If you are in the Toronto area and would love to be a speaker/quilt teacher but not sure you are good enough - get in touch with me.  I am the program person for the Mississauga Quilter's Guild and would love to talk and give you some pointers if you want to teach or speak!

By the way  there is a guild meeting TONIGHT so if you are free and in the area - come on by.  It's going to be fun and informative.

Now let's see that show n tell...................

Last night was our show n tell at Brampton Sew n Serge - the class was Stitcher's Garden.

Stitcher's Garden
Stitcher's Garden by The Stitch Connection

I am running the class again starting next week, but the class is FULL!!!!!!   Perhaps we will need to run it again as I think a wait list has been started.

Only three people from the previous class came with their show n tell, but we invited the new class to attend so they could get ideas for colours and I think almost the entire class was there!!!!!

Judy didn't have her blocks completely sewn together but then she had her daughter's wedding to deal with this past summer and from the pictures - it was amazing.  A Disney wedding with amazing centerpieces, gorgeous cake (Cinderella's carriage) and much much more!

Judy's blocks

More of Judy's blocks

The middle section of Judy's quilt
It won't take her long to finish that off.

Next up was Pat. Pat got the center of her quilt together and we chatted about her borders.

Pat's quilt top minus borders
Lucy also brought her blocks. She fussy cut flowers instead of doing the fusible appliques shapes from the pattern.

Lucy's blocks

More of Lucy's blocks
It was a great show n tell and I think the new class really benenfited from attending. Can't wait to see how creative they get with their colouring and their quilt tops.

Then when I left the store, I was just getting on the highway when I remembered my camera which I left at the store so I had to go to the next exit and then turn around.   GRRRRR!!!!!!!   NO big deal

And on the way home (at the stop light), I snapped this sunset.

Sunset on the way home. 

I got busy and got the green top together.  Yeah!!!!   I like it, but today I am going to see if I can find something that I like for the borders????   Or not. It is a bit on the small side for me.

This was made with a TILE pack (42 - 10" squares) of Northcott's Artisan Spirit Ambience.   I used the Emerald colourway.

Green quilt top - TOGETHER

Next on the wall is a T-shirt quilt that I have to do for a customer.  So I must cut the T-shirts apart before it goes up.

Bag of T-shirts for next project
But not before I get this customer's quilt finished.  I realized that I have to make TWO more of those strips to be able to finish off this border.

Another customer quilt - getting the second border complete

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!


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