Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hat trick!!!!

hat trick
  1. three successes of the same kind, especially consecutive ones within a limited period.
    "the band completes the trilogy, making for a dubious musical hat trick"
    • (chiefly in ice hockey or soccer) the scoring of three goals in a game by one player.
      noun: hat-trick; plural noun: hat-tricks
    • (in cricket) the taking of three wickets by the same bowler with successive balls.

I have to say that was a WHIRLWIND of a weekend.  This going back to work has been an excellent motivator to getting things done.  And I am even excited about going to work this morning. So much to do  - sewing, designing, logistics - you name it - it's got to be done!

Since my time is limited - well it is time to put pedal to the metal and get stuff done.  Also I am not having to prepare samples for classes like I used to (although that had been cut way back) but now it is practically nil and I am loving it. Many of my UFOs are class samples and so if I am NOT adding to the problem and actually working on things and finishing them - well - this is definitely a win-win for me!!!!

Most people associate a hat trick with hockey but as you can see from the definition above - it is not just a hockey term. It can also be used as a quilting term!  And in my case - that is actually quilting a quilt - well not ONE quilt, but THREE quilts in ONE day.  Granted none of them were huge, but still - it was a long day and my feet were tired at the end of the day.

Customer quilt - DONE

Customer quilt - DONE

Customer quilt - DONE

The backing for The Cat in the Hat was plush!!!!!
They all belonged to the same customer which is why I wanted to get them all done at once.

Then I had a major panic attack.  I was looking at my list of quilts that have to be quilted. Trying to figure out which ones to work on next. I picked two and then for the life of me couldn't find one!!!!   ACK!!!!     Is there a chance that I already did the quilt????   I didn't remember doing it. But when I went back in my records - yep - it was done MONTHS ago and I just didn't cross if off the list!!!!   PHEW!!!!!   That means that someone else's quilt got picked for this coming weekend.

I am in pretty good shape quilting wise.  A few that need to be done this month and well - I am doing what I can to clear the schedule.

I finished piecing this quilt top and I love it!!!!!   I will find the pattern for everyone or I will recreate the pattern. It was a freebie that came in a kit, but you could use a TILE pack that has 42 squares in it.  We call them TILE packs at Northcott, other companies call them layer cakes. So more info on that maybe tomnorrow. Essentially you start with 10 inch squares.

Quilt top - DONE
Here were my two choices for backing. However upon closer inspection, I nixed both of them.  The one on the left is a wide back and too much would be wasted for this quilt that is 56 X 56.  The one on the right I decided is too pale.

Two backings - NIXED
I found this in my stash instead.  I think it is way more worthy to be the backing of that bright quilt.  I had meters of the darn stuff so now the backing is made for the smaller quilt and I am going to get a bright plush for the backing of the other one since the quilt top is 56 inches wide and the plush is 60 wide - it is a perfect fit!
Backing for the bright batik
I managed to get the binding strips cut for the two quilts, but time ran out before I could make the binding. But I did make the binding for a tablerunner that I am working on.  I didn't take pictures though.

Binding strips cut for the bright batik quilts
And as soon as that bright batik was off the wall  - the next one was up!!!!!

I am sure you can tell by the colour that this is NOT my quilt.  It belongs to a customer and it is time that it gets completed. Yes - it is upside down in the picture. Ooops.

Memory quilt in the making
Then we had fun yesterday - that would be M and I.  Ronda gave us a bunch of Minions from MacDonalds.  They all make sounds when they are touched.  But when you have a bunch together and touch the tray - it was crazy!!!!!!   Needless to say - we both regressed to our childhood yesterday and we had a lot of great laughs!!!!   Thanks Ronda for the entertainment.

Gaggle???  of Minions

On that note - I am out of here.  Got loads to do and the day must start.   A bit sad today because this is the first day that I did NOT take a "first day of school" picture of M.  Nope - she is finished school.  
Oh well - life goes on!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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