Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's our duty!

The excitement for yesterday was a power outage at work.  It happened about 3 PM and we are all working away and POOF - the power is gone.  There is some major construction (apartment buildings) on the corner of Highway 7 and Weston Road. Apparently a crane hit one of the power wires and no more power for a large area.

UPDATE: Power outage in Woodbridge; restoration expected around 6 p.m.

Vaughan Citizen
Nearly 3,000 homes and businesses in Woodbridge have been left in the dark after a crane made contact with a power line in the Weston Road and Hwy. 7 area.
Powerstream officials say approximately 2,800 customers faded to black at around 3:20 p.m.
The power outage is affecting the area bounded by Pine Valley Drive , Jane Street, Rutherford Road and Steeles Avenue.
A repair team has been dispatched and officials with the hydro utility say power restoration will be phased-in.
According to the Powerstream website, it is estimated power will be fully restored by around 6 p.m.

Had some more fabric to cut so moved everything from the back where there was ZERO lights to the front where we had lights from the front windows and merrily cut more fabric with those big scissors. No accidents with them today - I was careful.  We cut a LOT of fabric. Hey - we have a LOT of fabric to cut!!!!!

However the power outage was a good thing because I found a new way to get home. Normally I drive right past that intersection on my way to the 407.  However I learned that if I go three streets north of where the office is - there is the Vaughn Mills Shopping Center - thank goodness I am NOT a shopper and then you get right on the 407.  A LOT less traffic than the way I would normally go.  I like that!!!!

When I finally got home last night - I picked up the mail and I was perusing it as I walked back to the house.  Oh oh - is that what I think it is????   An official looking letter?????   I opened it up and yes - it is jury duty time!!!!!

My reply letter

Now jury duty is an interesting thing.  Many people receive this letter and freak out.  I am too stressed, I can't cope, I can't, I can't and find all kinds of excuses to NOT do their civic duty.

Here is the thing.  This first letter is just a prescreening letter - do you still exist - can you speak English, can you speak French - just basic questions. It is NOT a call to jury duty.  You send in your letter and then perhaps you will receive a letter giving you a date to come to jury duty.

I've got letters like this twice before and been called both times so this is the third one.  For me - this is an adventure.  The first time I went to jury duty - I waited in the jury waiting room and by lunch time the first or second day, I was told to go home. They had all the people they needed or the case ended up being mediated.  That was easy - I just sat in the chair and watched the people as I read my book or knit or whatever.  

You would be amazed at how many people (especially the men) fidget, whine and complain about the time.  For god's sake bring a book or now I suppose everyone has their phone to play with.

So there was absolutely NO STRESS involved in that first time, although the number of people who tried to beg off jury duty when they arrived at the court house was hysterical.  Seriously people - what is your problem!  

The second time I got called was a tad more exciting.  First off - I brought hand work and forgot that I had a big honking pair of scissors in my bag and you have to go through the metal detector so I was sent back to my car to put the scissors away. Yep - my car was parked at the farthest end of the parking lot. My FitBit would have been happy!!!!

Got settled in the jury waiting room and then they started calling numbers. At one point during the day, my number got selected.  Yippppeeeee - get to see some action now.  So a bunch of us went into the court room. The judge was there as were the lawyers for both sides and the accused.  I think it was a buglery. Once you are in the courtroom - you still are NOT on the jury.  Nope - there is another random number draw and you get split into groups of 10.  My number got called in one of the later groups and I was sent off to a room with 9 other people.  

One by one we were called into the courtroom and asked questions by the judge and the two lawyers.  They didn't like me - they didn't like the fact that I was a fibre artist!!!!   By this time, there were already 8 jury members selected and they were sitting in the jury box. And I got sent home.  It was pretty interesting and yes it was long and boring, but also exciting.

There was one woman in my group of 10 who was desperate to get on the jury.  I think she wasn't working and she wanted the experience of being on a jury!!!!   She was called into the court room before me and there she was sitting in the jury box when I got my turn. I am sure she was thrilled.

Anyway - I have filled out the form and sending it off today.  Will I get called????   The chances are good. And will I go???   Of course I will.   Now I do not want to sit on a trial that lasts for weeks - no one does. And I certainly do not want a trial that deals with nasty stuff - I don't do well with nasty images!   But the chances of me actually getting on the jury are so small - and it is our civic duty - what the heck.  Bring on the adventure!!!!

How much do you want to bet that now I blabbed about this - they put me in the jury box!!!!!

As Quilt Market nears and new fabrics keep getting designed and new stuff arrives - I am swamped!!!!!   Going to need to make lists for work.

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!


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