Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First day of autumn

Do you say autumn or fall???   I have always called it fall, but autumn seems to be the more "fancy" name for the same season. 

Anyway - the drive to work was much more civilized today. Thank goodness!  

Now that we are into fall, winter will be here before we know it.  Sorry - had to say that.  And yes - I am still collecting stuff for pet mats.  However the other day - I got not one, but two surprises. 

Two people gave me pet mats that were already made!!!!!   Oh boy - that was awesome. 

Pet mats made by Mary
Pet mats made by Judith
Judith just used some fuzzy fashion fabrics and sewed them together so they are flat, but I think the animals will love them and they will be nice and warm this winter.  I do have a picture of the pet mats being used that we have already donated, but I have to find it. Once I do - I will post it. 

I am still working out my schedule.  What do I do in the morning and same for the evening.  I won't give up the gym so sometimes it is hard to work everything in. But since the Monday group gets to the church early, I also got there earlythis past week  (after the gym) and managed to get a lot of cutting done in an hour.  So - now that I know that works - I will be doing most of my cutting at the church, but not Misty Pines. That takes a bit of concentration and has to be laid out to put in kits.  But quilts???  Oh yes - cut on Monday morning and sew up at work!!!!

I did get some sewing done yesterday - my favourite thing. Half square triangles.  Now today I get to trim them.  Yipppped - there are several hundred of them.  It's going to be a fun day!!!!

And on the weekend, I managed to get this quilt quilted. I have loaded a large one on the long arm and get a couple of rows done each night.   OH yes - there is no time to be wasted!!!!

Community quilt - done!
But - I still have fun time for myself and manage to get some reading in every day. It is taking a bit of time to off load everything that I need to from before working, but it is slowly happening and once it is all done, that will free up more logistics time.

On that note - off to work.

Have a great day!!!


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