Thursday, September 24, 2015

My iron is in SHOCK!l

And the whirlwind continues.  I have to say that I LOVE my new job. Yep - it takes a lot of time out of my day (DUH! - that is what a full time day job is!)  but now that I am pretty much completely in the groove (don't worry - I still have questions that need to be answered by someone other than myself), but the days fly by. Getting more involved in "stuff" for Market which is going to be loads of FUN!!!!!   Setting up meetings with people and I'll be helping out with some great new programs which you can be part of if you want.  Those details are all being worked out or will be in the next couple of weeks.  Starting to work with the magazines. Oh yes - exciting stuff!!!

However the other exciting thing about my job is getting to sew.  Got a quilt that needs to be made for Market. I've been whining for something to sew and now I am in the thick of it.

The other day, I cut some strips and was madly making half square triangles. Yep - my favourite thing.

Half square triangles waiting to be trimmed
 Now in usual fashion, I did NOT follow the pattern designer's instruction for making these units.  I like to make them a bit bigger and then trim them down. Let's just say that somewhere along the line, my math skills went out the window.

These half square triangles need to be trimmed to 2 5/8".  Houston - I think we have a problem!!!!

Half square triangles that are a tad too small
Now how the heck did that happen???   It has never happened to me before. Well maybe once or twice.  Oh well - these will get trimmed and be used for something else.

So off to cut more strips and squares and sew up some more.  I need 160 in total.

Ready to trim the new batch
OK - so I over compensated this time!!!!   Yep - I can definitely get 2 5/8" from those ones. I did cut the next set of strips down a bit.

A bit generous for trimming!
I think I managed to get 120 of the 160 cut, sewn, pressed AND trimmed.  The rest will get done today along with a lot more sewing.

You should see my work stations.  I sew in my office on my little table. The big cutting mat for cutting strips is in the sewing room which is down the hall. I don't like the cutting mat - Yes - I know - I am a very fussy quilter. But it is one of those white mats and I really don't like them.  So I will cut all my big strips at home.  No big deal.  Plus that table is way too low for me.  If I were to cut much on it - I'd be in physio so fast so limited cutting allowed on that table for me.

I have a small cutting mat that I use in the warehouse on the table that IS the right height for me.  Oh yes - the iron is in the sewing room as well.

Between running between the various stations and then forgetting my cutter somewhere or my ruler - I am getting loads of exercise.  I am NOT the kind of person to be chained to a desk all day so this is working perfect for me.

Speaking of my office, I got new stuff on the walls now.   At last I got a decent hanger for the quilt behind my desk.

New hanger for my quilt
I use curtain rods with tie backs as the support.  It is a perfect solution and looks nice.

I also got my white boards put up which is great.  I am a piler and if I leave stuff in piles - I will lose it.  so now the important stuff and future designs can be put on the wall for inspiration.

My white boards
Notice my Scrabble magnet letters.  I can play Scrabble with myself all day should I choose!

Got to take in a hammer today because I need to whack one more quilt on the wall and then I think I am good.  Oh shoot - I will take a better picture - I did put my calendar back up.

Bottom line - I have settled in and feel very much at home at Northcott.  The people are great, easy to get along with and fun.  That makes for a very happy environment and I am truly thankful that I have the opportunity to work there.  As crazy as that sounds!!!

Speaking of crazy - did you see that fog yesterday morning????   It was insane but very much in pockets.  It would be in one spot and then not in another.  When I came out of the gym after having breakfast with the gym friends, the fog had settled in and I could barely see the building from my car.

Fog in the parking lot at the gym

And the license plates still roll in.  I got an envelope yesterday and I got one the day before.  There are still more to come and a couple more I would like to order. Please - please - let this be over soon!!!!

More license plates

 These ones are from Satin Moon in Victoria.  I had ordered these way way back this past summer.

The worst news - the new theme will be announced soon and I am NOT going to get excited about it.  Nope - I am not.

So now you are wondering about the title of the blog today.  What happened to the iron????   Well for the first time in YEARS - I actually ironed a piece of clothing.  I know - how did that happen. Next thing you know - I will be mending!!!!   I have a very nice blouse that I really like and I wasn't sure that I even still had it. Found it hanging in the closet and  I thought I would "dress up" today.  Seriously - not dressed up at all - it really is just a shirt, but it needed to be ironed!

Speaking of clothing - I dropped off a huge pile of material and concepts to my mother-in-law who is a wheeze at sewing clothes.  She measured me - didn't write anything down. For some stuff she has the patterns, for others, she will make it up!!!   Now that is the mark of a good tailor!!!!!   Wait until you see what she is making.

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!


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