Sunday, September 27, 2015

Today is the day!

Well it is one of the days that I am teaching Misty Pines. I had so much response that I actually have THREE classes for this quilt.  And there will be NO more kits.  Yep - I ran out of one fabric yesterday, will be able to scrounch enough (I hope) to make up the last kit or I will substitute.  I still have cutting to do, but at least I have seven kits for the class today.

But even more important than kits was to have space for the ladies to sew. I do try to keep things tidy but since before the summer, I had done nothing to keep it tidy and therefore - the studio was a tad messy.

Yikes - that is a lot of stuff

At least three of the tables were somewhat clear

Cutting mats and ironing - filled

So a couple of bags, a bit of ingenuity and well it doesn`t look half bad now.


Even vaccuumed as there was a LOT of dust
 And where did it all go??????   A bit of it went behind where I sew, some went back on the shelf where it is supposed to be.

My sewing area!!!!
 I know I say this every time I clean up - I will not let it get that way again. And I work on one project, then before I am finished that one - I have to start on the next and well - the first one doesn't get finished or put away.    I doubt that I will ever be able to change that.  But I am hoping that when everyone leaves today that I will NOT get everything back out. I have a couple of urgent projects that need to be done and I am only going to work on those and so will only put those on the table!!!!

Besides - I have two more classes at the end of October and if I get the stuff out - I will just have to put it away again!!!!!

Sorted all the little baggies and now they are grouped in bigger bags.

Stuff to make the next batch of kits

Kits for todays class

I know those eager beavers will be here soon.   I must go!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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