Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Taking work home......................

There is a song titled "I don't like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats from the summer of 1979!!!   I have to say that I LOVE Mondays and I feel like I finally have my Monday schedule down pat.

It was quite stressful to get to a 6 AM spin class and I needed to change up my routine anyway so now I do my own cardio and then some free weights - I still get to the gym for shortly after 6, but I don't have that deadline!  Once I am finished at the gym, it is off to Monday sewing. A couple of the ladies get there VERY early and so it is perfect. I can get 1 1/2 hours of cutting (or other hand work) in before most show up.  A very productive time to say the least.

And then off to work where I arrive around 10 AM. The schedule works PERFECT and I am excited to get to work to see what the week is going to bring.  That is pretty sad!!!!!  

Not really - I am just amazed at the opportunity I have to work at something that I LOVE!

I did snap one photo when I was at Monday Mania yesterday.  Judith was working on this project a while back and brought it in for show n tell.

Judith's finished embroidered picture

And yes - the row by row frenzy continues.  TWO more envelopes in the mail yesterday.

More license plates

Yes - the number of swaps/trades and who owes what is slowly decreasing, but there are still plates out there and I still owe people money and plates.  I am wading through it!!!

License plate central!!!!!

So what does one do at the end of a fabulous day????   Well you bring your work home with you!!  Yup - except it really isn't that bad when what you bring home is a quilt to sew.  Now it would be better if it were MY quilt, but what the heck - it was something to sew.  And I made good progress on it as well.

Cutting fabric

Half square triangles are almost done

Shoot - I did a lot more than that but didn't take pictures. I was so excited to work on it uninterrupted I suppose.  I hope to get a lot done today at work.  Thank goodness for that generic 1/4" piecing foot - I can switch from any of my sewing machinies and still get the same 1/4" just by turning on the sewing machine. You have to love that.

And at the end of the day - I read before going to bed.  I have decided that I don't have time to get to the library. Besides me going to the library is like sending a kid to the candy store.  I come home with way too many books and that creates deadlines and more stuff to manage.  I am going to read the novels that are on my shelf at home.  By my quick count - there are about 125 novels that I haven't read.  Some of them are parts of series so will have to rely on the library to fill the gaps.

If I were to read ONE book a week (which isn't really realistic) - that would take me at least two years before I run out of books.  I think I am safe for a long long time for reading material.  And when I am done with a book - it goes.  I am NOT keeping novels that I have already read.

Oh yes - look what I managed to scrounge.  One of the missing fabrics for the Misty Pines kit. Yes - that means I am back in business.  There is still one small piece that I am missing, but it is for my kit and I might be able to scrounge from the scraps to make it work!!!!  OH yes - the joys of working on a project when the fabric is long gone!!!! I do have a similiar fabric - different colour, but same pattern and might be able to use markers on it to give it the colouring that it needs.

Missing fabric is now found!!!!!
I see that I have another exciting day at work.  Submissions for articles, guidelines to write up, pictures to take, quilts to sew, patterns to design, fabric to cut.  All the stuff that I LOVE to do.  Yep - a big kid in the candy store.

On that note - I'm out of here.

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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