Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 49 - Carrying Place to Ivy Lea

A long day ahead - 158 KM and I want to make two quick detours!

The sun was out and so were the bugs. Because it was sunny - I loaded up with sunscreen.  I was the first one to leave this morning.  A couple of others were getting ready to leave, but I guess they hung back so I was on my own. I was very apprehensive about the bike computer and had the spare with me as well as electrical tape in the event I needed to attach it to the handlebars.  Of course - it worked like a charm the entire day.   There is still something wrong with it - same problem as last year which of course - I never followed up on.  OK - when I get back - first thing - call Garmin and tell them what a piece of crap this bike computer is.  And it was NOT cheap!

So I am out riding, slathered with sunscreen. And there are BUGS.  Those dratted little things that kind of cloud along the side of the road. But if you moved your head slightly - you could miss them. Needless to say - I am sure if anyone saw me - they would wonder why I was bobbing and weaving my head so much.  But I HATE having stuff touch my face - in particular BUGS!!!!!   ICK.

My first stop was in Picton which was 50 K into the day.  Since I had started so early, I was afraid the shop wouldn't be open until 10 AM. But when I arrived around 9:20 - the store was OPEN.   Opened at 9 AM.   Awesome.   I am sure the owner had a bit of a start as a sweaty cyclist comes in to the shop. The row is really cute - autumn and I caved and bought the kit as well.  I had to eat something from my bag in order to find room for the kit. 

Back on the road - there was a bit of  a head wind - of course now that I have joined the tour - there is wind!   But my legs were feeling really strong today and so it wasn't really an issue. 

There was a small ferry that we had to take to get off the "almost island" in that area.  I was the only one that caught the 10:15 ferry.  I didn't know if anyone had passed me while I was in the quilt store.

I didn't stop to take many pictures along the way.  Lots of scenery but I have seen it before (oh - that sounds really bad) and well - it was just a nice day to ride. I caught up to Craig and Alex just before Bath and we stopped at the local market to buy chocolate milk - did you know that you can buy DARK chocolate milk which is 2%?   I didn't have any - it wasn't in the half litre size.   After a quick break - back on the road.  I left Craig and Alex behind as I moved onto Kingston and the second quilt store.  It was about 4 or 5 KM to get to the store on a VERY busy street, but I managed to find it no problem  I think this store was even more surprised because the first thing I asked was to use the wash room.   A very sweaty cyclist who asks for the wash room???   I wasn't going to buy the kit, but I had to - the row was so cute and already cut out.   A bit more cramming and it was in the bag.  I am not even looking at anything in the stores so I don't get tempted. 

I had planned a different route to catch back up to the cycle route and it worked like a charm except then I didn't know how many KM to ride before the next turn,  AH - but my memory recognized places along the way and I was fine. I stopped in Kingston at White Mountain and had ice cream in honour of Myra - we stopped there last year - it was her favourite ice cream haunt when she lived around this area.

Through Kingston and then the countdown begins.  After that many hours on the road - you start to play games with yourself to get through the KM.   How fast can I do 5 KM. How many KM to the next town.  Oh yes - you play games with yourself!    And you think of stuff - but then you don't.  I think of things and then go - oh yes - I don't have to worry about that so I don't think about it.  It really is a great experience to spend that much time and not worry about a single thing!!!!

I arrived in camp - shortly after Craig and Alex. Actually it was good timing - they had just finished unloading the truck. Got the tent set up and with the hot hot sun - everything is dry again!   Yeah!!!!!!    Then Alan Metcalfe came to camp and we had a good visit.

Then it was time to get rid of the bugs, the dirt and the sweat.  My hair was so thick with GOOP - I wasn't sure it was ever going to come clean.

I got in before 4 PM and now it is 6:20 and some are still coming in. Dinner is going to be late. Oh well - eating lots of apples!!!!!

Yes - I think I am back in the "spin" of things.   I am loving the trip and never got lost in any of the times I have been on my own.   I might ride by myself more often!!!

On that note - I think I am out of here. Going to read or knit - yes I brought knitting and dinner is going to be late!!!!!   (YES - food is on my mind!)

Have a good day!!!


On the ferry at Grafton (I think)
A massive field of solar panels

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  1. If that is the ferry out of the Bay of Quinte area to Kingston it is the Glenora ferry. DH was born in Picton and lived just up the hill from the ferry docks on the Picton side.