Saturday, August 2, 2014

Taking a wee break..................

I love quotations.  And I love books with quotations.  I found a really neat book at Chapter's the other day. It is called the Book of Positives. And from time to time (when I think of it), I will share a quote with you. Here is the one I picked for today (and quite appropriate I think)

"For fast-acting relief, try slowing down."    Lily Tomlin

Now doesn't that describe me well????  Well I know that is how I feel just before vacations.  And next year - remind me NEVER to do three trips in such a short time.  Trying to get things done before I leave is just - well I would prefer NOT to have the deadlines.

I must say that I am looking forward to my bike trip.  While there is a goal for each day and every so many days I will be on cook duty, there is only one focus for the day - get from A to B. Set up the tent, eat and sleep.  That is it!  You can't get much simpler than that and I can't wait to get started.

As I am working on the blog, I am thinking about the things that I need for the trip. As I think of them, I have been putting them in a pile.

My stuff!!!!!

I think I will start packing today - I know - I am definitely a last minute person.   Onet thing is to make sure  that everything is charged BEFORE I leave and that everything works - most critical - I need a light for the tent. Since I have done this numerous times before - it really isn't a big deal and most of the stuff was in the closet. Cheapest thing to bring, but the most critical? Ziploc bags.  I got snack size for my trail mix, sandwich size for my sandwiches, 1 litre size to keep the four days worth of cycling gear in order. Each of the four 1 -liter bags will have a pair of bike shorts, a jersey, bra and socks. Easy to grab one before bed and bring into the tent in order to get ready for the next day of riding. Then I have GIANT Ziploc bags - that is for storing the pillow (so it stays dry in the event of our luggage getting wet) and to compress the pillow so it fits in my duffle bag. And let's not forget the other giant Ziploc bag necessary to put a wet tent in (so the other stuff doesn't get wet).  Let's hope I do NOT need to use that Ziploc bag.  What the heck did we do before Ziploc bags?????

I remember packing for that first bike trip FIVE years ago. I was absolutely terrified at what I had signed myself up for.  I was checking the check lists for days to make sure I had everything. Now - last minute!!!

My bike is back from the bike shop - a new chain, a new rear cassette (gears), one new tire, new cables. I am set.  Just forgot to pick up a bike box to ship the bike back home at the end of the trip.  DRAT!  Back to the store today to get that.

In addition to getting those blog posts done (I have seven of 10 done), I have some class samples to do  and a few other things.

The other day I was in Michael's and I saw this.............

The Halloween stuff is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I figure if it is OK to have the Halloween decorations out, it is OK to sew on a Halloween project.
This is called |"If the Hat FIts" from Buggy Barn.

I will show you my finished block tomorrow.  It is very cute.   The class is at Hobby Horse in mid-September.  Check it out - you could have it done for Halloween this year!!!!!

While I do love Sparky, she is becoming very neurotic as she gets older.  The slightest loud noise will startle her and she is very clingy.  Look where she decides to sleep.  That little passage way is not so wide, and I have to STEP over her every time I got up and down - which was a lot yesterday!!!!!

Clingy Sparky!!!!!!
 Oh well - we must enjoy all the time we have with her!!  Neurotic or not!

GUESS WHO CAME TO VISIT yesterday??????   Oh yes - it seems the busier you are - the more interruptions you have.  But this was a good one.....................

It's MILO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    He is so cute and from the moment of his arrival in the house, he and Sammy were literally ripping up and down the halls chasing each other.   Sammy just loves him.   I have never seen her play like this and she initiates it.  I think it has to do with size.  She is bigger than Milo.

Milo - his tongue hanging out

Oh - big scary dog!!!

That sings

Retrieves toys

And is VERY cute - thank you!!!
As I was working in the studio, I could hear him and Sammy running up and down the hall above me.  It was pretty funny because they ran from one end literally to the other end. A bit of a break (to rest) and then they ran back.  It was a good interruption!!!!!

On that note - I better get this block finished this morning, dig out a couple more samples and then back to the blog.

Have a great day!


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