Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 67 Lower Barney's River - Lake Ainsley

I think I mentioned that I had a restless night the previous night.  I seem to have barely gotten any sleep - not sure why. Last night after a yummy shepherd's pie I was exhausted.  I decided to go to bed - it was 8:10 PM.  I read two pages, lay the book down - then decided I was good to go to sleep.  I was out until 5 AM.  Keep in mind - there was music, there was fireworks and much laughing and partying around the camp ground when I went to bed, but I was so exhausted I was almost sick!  Anyway - woke up feeling like  a million bucks.

Let's not forget that we watched the sunset last night.  Supposed to be the best place in Nova Scotia to watch the sunset.  It was beautiful.  A whole pile of us were down on the beach watching.

Today was going to be a LONG day - 167 KM. Yikes - better get going.  I left at 7:20 AM.  It was a bit cool so had rain vest (also a good wind break), my bolero and my knee warmers. The sky was blue? - well there was sun for most of the day and I had no sunscreen with me. So my face is a bit red tonight.

There was some question of taking short cuts in several spots today, but I thought - we have gorgeous weather, the roads are decent (and the longer routes were quieter for traffic) - why not do the whole thing?

One of the participant's on the tour lives in Antigonish so he went home last night - just for the night. Anyway - he invited us to his house for coffee this morning.  I arrived at 9:30 AM and had a nice visit with Dave and his wife. Just as I was leaving a number of the rest of the group was arriving.  I believe there was a photographer from the local paper, but I didn't wait for the picture.  I still had a lot of road to cover.

Oh yes - it all looked so familiar.  Amazing since I have only been on parts of these roads ONCE before, but I seem to remember each and every turn.  And I thought I was letting Neil just lead me around last year. I was actually paying attention!!!!   Who knew?

There were a couple of other detours to get us off the main highway.  I stopped at the intersection, thought about it for a few minutes and decided to take the detour.  It didn't really add too much to the day and like I said - the weather was glorious. Not too hot, some sun, not much for wind. Might as well make the best of an awesome day. 

I do have to say that there was a LOT of climbing today. Nothing too strenuous - but just lots.  I embraced the hills today - or I just dismissed them as minor inconveniences!!!   Seems to me that last year - I moaned and groaned about everyone of them, but I could be remembering that incorrectly.

And then right on cue - I arrived in Habre Boucher and sure enough - there at the community center was their fund raiser. So I stopped for a sausage on a bun. Very tasty!   Then back on the road - passed the fire station where there was no amazing spread of food this year. Missed it last year and nothing this year.  Oh well. 

Over the Canso Causeway and VOILA - welcome to Cape Breton.   The "dreaded"' last part of the trip. There is a traffic round about right after the causeway and the first time I passed through three years ago - I noticed a quilt/craft store.  It was early morning that year and was closed.  Last year - I didn't dare ask Neil to stop, but this year I did.   They were selling finished products and had some nice stuff on display.  Got a phone number for a local artist and then I was on my way.

This time we were on Highway 105.  It would be so easy to just continue on that road to get to the ferry to Newfoundland instead of taking the detour around the Cabot Trail. But then where would our sense of adventure be?????     There is a LOT of climbing on this highway, again nothing too steep and then of course there are the downhills.  For some reason - the big trucks freaked me out a bit on this road. Not sure why since it was no worse than any other road but maybe just having one of those days?????

I had to stop at one point to fuel up.  I was about empty and my legs were really feeling the hills.  After that and another pit stop at the gas station for chocolate milk before our turn and I was fine for the rest of the day.

I arrived in camp at 4:30 - right on my projected time.  Tent is set up, shower is done and I am sitting here with my clothes in the dryer getting my laundry done and my blog.   If things go well - this should be my last laundry day for the trip.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!

We are going to have a pot luck tonight at the camp ground and our crew is making salad and apple pie!!!!!!    They are brave. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Have to say that after a day like today - well there is NO way to beat this kind of day.  Even with the longer distance - I feel like a million dollars.  - I could use some cream for my face since it is pretty dry after that beating in the sun and wind!   But other than that - what a feeling!!!!!!!    I say - BRING on the CABOT TRAIL!!!!!!!   It is going to be a tough day - but really - every day could be tough if you let it get to you.

On that note - I better get the laundry out of the dryer and get things organized before dinner.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!


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