Tuesday, July 12, 2016

And yet another deadline!

I guess if I was really really organized, I could be working towards a deadline, but not in a last-minute situation!  Oh - it's only a quilt - it's not like anyone is going to die, but a deadline is a deadline!

The next deadline is on Friday and well, you'll see in a minute where I am.

Sounds like I have to plan another retreat and it's going to be called the ONE Laundry basket retreat. You wlll ONLY be allowed to bring one basket of stuff to work on.  I think I take so much because I'm insecure. I'm afraid that I'll run out of things to do.  Yet I know from experience and from common sense that I would never get all that done in one retreat. OK - it's settled - I'm going to try and book some space, we'll gather the troops and ONE laundry basket it will be.

While I was away, I went to Hewitt's Farm Market & Bakery.  In addition to the butter tarts and the cherries, I also bough bread & butter pickles.  They were making pickles that day and I had to have some. Brings back tons of memories of my Mom making pickles. These are pretty yummy but not like Mom's.

Bread and butter pickles
I was a busy bee last night.  I got the quilt top finished - the one with the Friday deadline. And it looks awesome.  It's my own design, it will be published in a magazine later this year. I got the back pieced and everything is loaded on the long arm ready to be quilted tonight. I was going to quilt it this morning, but decided to wait until tonight.

Quilt is loaded and ready!
 Due to the proximity of the deadline, I'm guessing that this binding will have to be put on by machine. ICK!  But there's no time for hand stitching. And then I have to write the pattern, but after my little fiasco at the retreat, I have lots of tips for sewing it together.


I got a label hand stitched down as well.  I think there are a few more hand stitching (non-urgent) jobs sitting around that need to be done and that is perfect to take to Monday morning with the quilting ladies.

Label stitched down!

I did a review of those four bags that got put away for the next retreat and there were several items that I knew I could finish in no time.  This was one of them.  Just needed the binding made - the strips were cut!

Binding made and ready to be quilted

I also have one more project that is sort of urgent. I think it's due in two weeks.  I made good progress at the retreat.  I sewed all the half square triangles. Yesterday, I trimmed some more and even more this morning. Not many more to trim and then this project will be ready to sew together.

Trimming required!

I think once those two quilts are done, there is nothing urgent until at least September.  I still have a few customer quilts to work through on the long arm, one repair and then two quilts to assemble.  No official deadline, but they do need to be done so I can move on!

Nothing like a good retreat to get you in the mood to get moving. OK - a deadline helps as well!

Have a great day!!!!!


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