Sunday, July 24, 2016

Quilts at the Creek

While it was a great day, it was just one of those days!

I was off to view the Quilts at the Creek and to do my walk about tour. I had a few stops along the way. The first one was easy - Ruti's Needlebed which is very close to my house. Got what I wanted and picked up a catalogue to peruse of embroidery designs. NO - I should NOT have done that!  BTW - I'm blogging on QUILTSocial this week for the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC.  Even if you're not in the market for a sewing machine, you should tag along. It's mind blowing stuff!

Anyway, I left Ruti's and was going to get on the highway to go to my next stop. The exit was closed for construction so off to the next exit. Traffic was good and despite the fact that I left the house 1/2 hour behind schedule, I was now on schedule.  However when I got on the next major highway, there was obviously a major problem. The overhead signs said the highway was completely shut down at the exit just past where I wanted to go.  And it was SLOW and got slower as I moved ahead.

So slow that I was noticing how many hub caps were along the edge of the highway and even had time to take a picture while we were stopped!

Loads of lost hub caps on the highway

It was getting late and I wasn't going to be able to make my next stop before I wanted to get to the quilt show. I'll do that other errand after. Because of the highway being closed, all the other roads were not in much better shape, but after 1 1/2 hours - I made it. I was thinking of Susan and Mary who have moved east of the city and recently commented on how they did NOT miss the city traffic.  Yesterday - I could have done without the traffic!

Quilts at the Creek is at Black Creek Pioneer Village and what an amazing outdoor venue for this quilt show.

Quilts at the Creek

Despite the heat yesterday, it wasn't a bad day. There is lots of shade, lots of places to sit down and I saw loads of people with hats!

I had a chance to zip around and see all the quilts. They are BEAUTIFUL and well worth a trip!

Some of the quilts on display

More quilts in the town squaer
On the fences and hanging in the shed
Laurissa's Dear Jane hanging at the Town Hall

This quilt is absolutely stunning. This is how I envision MY Dear Jane, but probably only in my dreams!

Sorry - I didn't take close ups of anyone elses's quilt. Well I did, but I didn't take note of the names, so not going to post.  However I did take a picture of my Once Upon a Row by Row.....

Once Upon a Row by Row........

I decided to get something to eat before my walking tour. I'm never that hungry when it's hot. Standing inside chatting to some of the ladies and there's a FIRE ALARM.  Yep - everybody out of the building!   The fire trucks and the HUNKY firemen came.  I decided to go and get lunch at the outdoor BBQ place.  The poor girl working the grill was sweating like crazy although she was in the shade. But she wasn't too fast and it took forever to get my hotdog!   I had just enough time to eat it before the walking tour.  Not many on the tour, but that's OK, we had fun looking at the quilts!  

If you're coming to day, come to the Town Hall at 2:30 to check it out!!!!

There was a wedding yesterday. Well I think they were there just for pictures.  Not a fun day to be wearing a long fluffy white dress.

The bride

The wedding party!
 I figured by the time I left that the highway would be clear.  Not so!  It was packed for miles and miles. thankfully in the opposite direction that I needed to go in.  I mean we're talking up to 8 lanes of traffic JAMMED for miles.  That's a lot of cars.  Apparently there was a serious accident. People really need to be more careful as everyday there is another accident.

Before I headed home, I did stop in at Sew Sister's to get the license plate for Row by Row.  I think that makes 25 and about all I'm going to get - well there might be one or two more.  I'm happy with that and now to figure out something to do with them!

One more plate!

Then home, but not before stopping at the grocery store. Then getting home and realizing I was still missing something and so back to the grocery store!

And on that note, I've got a lot of stuff to do today and better get started.

Have an awesome day - stay cool!


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