Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Put your sunglasses on......

I'm like a kid going on vacation!  I'm so excited about this retreat.  You would think that I have never been on a retreat or away from home before!  I'm happy to report that there will be NO panic packing - besides there is NOTHING left to pack - well almost nothing. Everything is pretty much ready to go - way more than I need, but I'm going to take in one bag at a time as I finish  - if I finish anything. I'm still cutting and prepping on a couple of other things - things that were in that pile on the floor and I would like to get them ready to sew.  The big question now is to prioritize the order in which the projects get sewn and to NOT start new ones until these are done. That's going to be the hard part. Two bags of tools - I've been diligent about keeping the tools separate and absolutely everything is ready to sew - there might be trimming required at some point, but everything is ready to sew!  That's exciting.

So remember one of those quilts I prepped the backing and binding for?  The one that Ronda doesn't like.

This one?

Have a look back at this post and you'll see a bit more of the quilt top.  Oh - here is one of the pictures.

My quilt tester - Little Sammy (gosh - I miss that little girl so very much!)

Anyway, as you can see the top is very bright and those red/green triangles are now on all four sides of the quilt!  Here's a picture I took the other day.

The quilt top
Now I know that you're thinking, what kind of fabric did she use to make that?  Yes, the technique is Stack n Whack.  What did I use???

These very attractive and BRIGHT pillow panels that I found at Fabricland years ago. The pillow panel was from Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Terry Labonte who is a retired Nascar race car driver.  Kellogg's was his sponsor.

Pillow panel

Terry Labonte 1997.jpg
Terry Labonte
Image result for tony labonte kellogg
Terry's car

So - for some strange reason, these panels were on sale. Deeply discounted.   I was into Stack n Whack at some point (still am!) and I saw these panels as a chance to mess around with the technique. The nice thing about the panels is that they are all the same!  only ONE panel. So it was easy to work with.

Here is the backing for this quilt. 

 However, I seem to amassed a few of the panels as this quilt is in fact the SECOND quilt I've made with the panels.

Quilt Number ONE

And let's not tell anyone, but there are still EIGHT panels left as well as some bits.  I still have lots of the green and red so I see another quilt in the making.  Perhaps I should contact Terry and see if he wants one of these quilts. I'd be happy to donate it to him!

Enough for ONE more quilt

Ronda equated this to my tractor quilts. I get on a theme and well - it takes a long time before everything gets used up!  I look at all this as having fun, learning stuff and well - that's what life is all about!

After that trip down memory lane, trying to find that picture of Sammy on the quilt, I've run out of time.

Have a great day!!!



  1. Elaine, Just for accuracy and in case there are fanatical nascar quilters reading- that driver is Terry LaBonte. Don't ask how I know this, just know that I do. :)

  2. OH MY GOD - you're right! Obviously I can't read - it says right on the fabric - TERRY!!! Thanks for being an eagle eye!