Saturday, July 30, 2016

On the road again

I feel like a spy!   I'm back on my small tablet to blog.  When I went to post the blog this morning, for some reason, I couldn't get in without signing into the network.  It's complicated.  A while back I changed my Google password and every application needs to be relogged in the first time I use it.  Since no one was up to get me a password to the internet, I have escaped to Tim's with my tablet in hand.  Got logged into this network immediately, retyped in the password to Blogger and I'm good!!!!  

You may not understand what I just wrote, but let's just say that YES - I can be competent with technology when it's important. And I had to get my tea!!!!   As I sit here and quickly write my blog (or my brother will be wondering why it takes so long to get a tea!), I can see my parent's apartment from the window. 

Yep - I've come back to Saskatchewan for a visit. The flight was pretty uneventful and quiet.  Despite the fact that some toddler got on the plane who was fussing and I heard his Mom say he was a nervous flyer in small planes.  Oh boy I thought!  But we didn't hear one peep from him.  I started a new book and I must have been tired because I would read a chapter or two and then sleep. Then another chapter or so and then sleep. 

Once I arrived in Saskatoon and got my car, I was off to visit the quilt shops.  Not that I needed anything at all, but it's Row by Row time and I did say that I would pick up stuff from any that happened to be in the neighbourhood where I was.  So I managed to get to 3 quilt stores in Saskatoon and got two plates. Then off to Warman to visit that store and one more plate and finally arrived in North Battleford where the local fabric shop had TWO plates so that made a total of five plates in one day.  A good haul!!!    But that's it as the other shops are not close and I don't have a lot of time.

My mom is looking great.  Probably the best I've seen her in years.  Why?  She is finally getting good care. Now that she lives in town, she has weekly home care.  It has taken a lot of  time to make this happen, but it has paid off.  I'm very happy about that. I'm sure she feels better as well and  my Dad has become Mr. Mom as he bustled around the kitchen filling the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen. Yes - it's a big relief to know they are happy and in a safe place.

Well - it's going to be short today as I had better get back to my brother's!  I'll try to get some pictures posted, but it's very hard to make that happen, but I'll give it one more shot with this little computer/tablet.

Have a great day!!!


PS - One little SNAFU - the darn post wouldn't publish this morning.  Why?  I forgot to log into the network at Tim's.  All is good now.   Can you believe how cheeky I am - I came into Tim's to use the washroom and to post this blog.  Bad bad me!!!!

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