Wednesday, July 13, 2016

One more done!

I was clearing up some e-mails which I'm learning is a never ending job!  I've got all kinds of file folders set up to keep things organised but it's amazing how quickly they pile up and my in-box always seems to have too many.

Here is one e-mail that someone sent to me that I found inspiring and I think it has a very important message. It was in response to a blog post that I did on creativity.

"Loved your blog today about creativity!  It's a big frustration in my life when people claim to not be creative.  One little thing I do everyday, it's now a habit, is look for the wow in the ordinary.  It might be the reflection of the traffic lights on a rainy night, or the way a flower curls up when it dries up or the colour of someone's eyes.  It is only a fleeting thought, but it makes you see the world a little more creatively.  So, practice random wows!
Yes I know, I am crazy!"

It's that awesome!!!  And nice to know that someone out there is as crazy as I am.

I wonder if this is one of the differences between creative people and non-creative people.  I LOVE to see the WOW in the ordinary. If I didn't, well, my life would be pretty boring and so would the blog. Finding something in nothing is what makes life all worthwhile!

I'm not sure if it's the heat (still haven't turned on the A/C at home).  Our house is pretty nice temperature wise - yes the upstairs is hotter, but with a fan - you are fine.  Anyway - I seem to be very lethargic these days.  I want to read my book which I'm making good progress in despite the fact that it is an e-version but I'm get tired reading and need a nap.  OK - here's one reason why you don't want to use an e-reader. When you lie down to read, you see your ugly reflection in the screen.  That would be enough to turn me off from snacking while reading!  Oh - perhaps that's a good thing!!!!

Despite my laziness, I did manage to get my quilt quilted last night.  It turned out great - I'm pretty happy with the results.  Now to trim and my favourite part - get that binding on!!!!

Of course, you don't get to see the front - this is for a magazine and you'll just have to wait until it gets published.

My quilt - DONE!!!!

Went to the gym this morning, forgot my water bottle, forgot my shoes for work. Not a good start to the day, but I'll survive!!!

Have a great day!!!


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