Monday, July 18, 2016

Show n Tell - Reminisce

Got more show n tell this morning, although there isn't much to show!

We're working on some little blocks in border 3 on Reminisce from My Heart to Your Hands. It's a very busy quilt, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the colorways everyone is working one. They are going to be awesome!!!

Reminisce Quilt pattern

Here is a sampling of the blocks from Row 3.  We're learning a lot in this class, including how to resize a quilt, using coping strips and a whole lot more!

Blocks for row three

Everyone put their blocks together so don't think this is all for the same quilt. It was just easier that way since there were small blocks from everyone and it would have taken a long time to lay them all out.

I'm a tad behind and really should be using that as a  my enders and leaders instead of those little squares. Must dig those out tonight.

Miracles do happen and I'm happy to say that that urgent quilt top is on the long arm.
Quilt loaded and ready to go!

As much as I like sewing, it can be boring to sew by yourself ALL DAY.  So Lexi and I were at the dog park for an hour, then I sat and read and napped in the gazebo for two hours, while Lexi sat UNDER the gazebo - happy as a clam.

And I interspersed taking and editing photos for another blog between getting the top and the backing done! It would be awesome if I could do an overall pattern, but I think the quilt is worthy of something a bit more than that (of course!), so I was trying to design something while I was piecing the top. I think I'm good and once I'm home tonight - guess where I'll be.  I hope it goes quick - the quilt is due Wednesday. I guess this one is going to have the binding put on by machine as well!

On that note, I'm out of here.  It's another crazy busy day and well - let's get rolling.

Have a super day!


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