Saturday, July 16, 2016

Turn up the heat!

It's been hot in southern Ontario.  We've had heat warnings and yes, it's been humid, but not unbearable. I didn't find the humidity as bad as in previous years. However, this morning?  I had the heater on in my car! You see, Miss Lexi and I were at the dog park for over an hour. I had on shorts and a fleece top.  Baby - it's cold!!!    Go figure - this is Canada - be prepared for anything!

When I got home last night, I had to make dinner, but just for myself so that was OK.  Found some leftover pasta sauce in the fridge. Hmm - we must have some pasta that I can cook to go with it and look what I found in the cupboard. Yes - those are bicycles!!!!

Bicycle pasta - even ORANGE ones

Someone bought this for me and I can't remember who now, but THANK-YOU.  It was yummy and it was FUN to eat!  Remember what I mentioned the other day?  Finding the WOW in each day?  Well this was my WOW!  Am I too old to like bicycle pasta?  NEVER!  That's what keeps me young at heart.

Yummy bicycle pasta

Before going to work on Thursday morning, I had been ripping a part of the studio apart and of course I had to deal with it when I got home. It was mostly my finished projects - the small ones.  How to store them?  Many were on the walls at one time, but kept getting taken down for trunk shows. Well, I don't have any trunk shows for the next month, so I decided to hang some of the quilts back up.

Display rack for quilts - I love this rack
Even though you can't see all the quilts at one time, you can take the rods off one at a time to see what's there.

Another quilt on display
While I like this "setting", I HATE that quilt rack. It's a pain in the neck to get the quilt secured into the rack. But I managed.

And last but not least, I rehung this one over the cutting table.

One more quilt hung!
There are still oodles of small quilts and all of them are stacked on a table so they don't get wrinkled.  I was hoping to make a fabric case for them, but that hasn't happened yet!

After I got finished hanging up quilts, it was time to get back to work on my next urgent project.   I was making great progress, got everything laid out on the design wall and was very happy UNTIL I counted the blocks and OH dear - I was missing an entire row!!!

I decided to leave it for the night - I'm trying to finish that e-book. I think I'm on the last chapter. That is one thing I don't like about e-books. While there is a PERCENTAGE indicator, I want/need pages!!!    And several times, I've caught myself trying to TURN the page instead of swiping. The swiping isn't bad, but I don't know how many times, the damn dictionary has popped up - I need to hone my swiping technique!!!

Making more blocks for the missing row

 And while sewing that, I'm working on my little enders and leaders project.  The ones on the left - not sewn. The ones on the right - sewn!

Enders and leaders project

Remember that stuff I cut before the retreat???  OK - this one in particular.   And remember those little scraps????

Little scraps

I took the matching pieces (there are two identical) and sewed the first pair together.

Sewing up the scraps!

Just needs a trim and I think I can make something pretty cool out of this!  Just wait!!!!

There was a couple at the dog park who are in the process of selling their house.  They listed the house on Tuesday and since then, they have had SEVENTY visits and open house today and tomorrow.  This market is CRAZY!!!!!!

Well - I have the entire weekend with NO appointments. Lots to do, but NO appointments.  I feel like I've won the lottery (which I didn't but imagine what you could do with 50 million!).   I had better get started on the day.

Have a great day!!!


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