Sunday, December 27, 2020

Parting is such sweet sorrow

 Yep - today, Bear and M will be leaving. They have a mid-morning flight to catch. I'm sad to see them go - it's been great fun to have them here, even though Bear has totally thrown my routine off! He gets one more walk this morning before he has to be bundled up into his carrier - he's NOT going to be happy about that. 

M and Little Bear

Yum!!! Slurp!  Yum!!

He is so darn slow. No - that's not true exactly. He's unpredictable. One day, he runs the entire time we're out, and the next, he dawdles. 

At least my girls are predictable! And they like routine - they are NOT going to be happy that Bear gets to go first this morning. 

And then it'll be time to get back to reality and back to routines and back to work!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with my kid. I tend to spread out everywhere I go, except when I travel. For whatever reason, I keep my things in my suitcase when I travel. It's harder to lose stuff that way. M? Oh no - her things got scattered all over the upstairs. I think she was up all night trying to get everything back into the suitcase. 

And we had some things to do together, but that got left until yesterday. But it did get done.  

I shouldn't say much since I had to make a couple of masks for her to take back, and YES - I finished them yesterday afternoon!. But making two masks is a lot easier than the tasks that she had to do. These are the 3-D masks. I watched the tutorial on the Thimbles and Things website. But instead of elastic, I used a strip of T-shirt material to make a tie. 

Two masks 

I have a couple more to make for her, but I'm looking for the adjustable elastics and the wire nose strips. I found small quantities of both at local shops, so hopefully, they'll just put them into an envelope for me. I do NOT want to do a porch pick up for either. 

I made excellent progress on my Cherrywood Challenge quilt. There's a lot of precise work in the piece, and my Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 did NOT disappoint. And it went through layers and layers of fabric without a glitch. I should be able to finish the quilt top today and get myself organized for quilting it tomorrow. 

Or if I'm really ambitious, it would be great to get it quilted today and put the binding on during Monday sewing. I'll see how it goes. It's pretty tedious, but the end result looks amazing. 

But I plugged in another audiobook, and I listened away. I finished the book yesterday and ready to start a new one today. I have three waiting to be read and nine on hold. The trick is to not have all nine come in at once. They are scheduled a week or so apart, but if someone returns a book early, then it ends up coming to be me early! 

Oh well, lots of sewing ahead, I guess. And let's not forget the jigsaw puzzle. Here's where I am. 

The status of my jigsaw puzzle

I managed to get the easiest part together. This is NOT an easy puzzle as the pieces fit in multiple places. I can't wait to pass this one along! I'm trying to get that steering wheel done, but it's so narrow that it's quite the challenge. I may change to the sky section - that might be easier!

I have two favorite puzzle companies - Ravensburger and Heyes. My all-time favorite is the Heyes puzzles. They have a huge variety of puzzles, and some are so detailed with crazy cartoon scenes. It's hilarious to work on them. They are also NOT easy to do. I have about 5 or 6 of them waiting to be done. I just checked out the catalog for 2021. OH - so many that I would want, but I'm NOT buying them. Not when I have a huge stack of puzzles waiting to be done. 

You could go crazy doing these puzzles and searching for them online. STOP!! I don't need anymore! But it appears that there are a couple of puzzle-loving quilters near me, and guess what? When I'm done with my puzzles, they are being passed along!

Looks like I'm going to have to step up the pace at which I do these puzzles so I can justify buying a new one! 

I need to do some embroidery designs that will take a LONG time to do, so I best get started on them today. At least that can work on its own (well, that's a lie), but I'll be downstairs working on my Cherrywood Challenge. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. you have the best source of mask elastic and nose bars in your area... Sew Sisters! I just got an order from them for adjustable elastics and the nose bars. I think they are only doing mail orders but might have curbside pick up. Since I am in BC, I obviously had mine mailed to me. Love that store so good luck. I got gray and black.