Friday, December 4, 2020

UFO Club

 While I was in the process of loading pictures for the quilt classes, I decided that I'd do the show and tell for our UFO club as well. Here's what I love about Zoom classes - the photos have to be edited for the presentation, so they are also ready for the blog. 

The UFO Club has been a HUGE motivator for me. I've gotten so many long-forgotten projects done in the last two years, and I'm thrilled. I've dug out a fair number of projects from the depths of Studio B, and there's a lot more where those came from. 

I think the UFO Club will continue for years! There's going to be another UFO Club running in 2021, and there might be a spot of two. If there's enough interest, I might consider opening another session. Just e-mail me or leave a comment if you haven't done so already, and I'll see what we can arrange. 

Let's have a look at what the others did for the meeting this past week. 

This is Katheleen's Carpenter's Wheel quilt. It's been under her quilting machine since May, and it was TIME to get that done. It's now quilted and bound!

Katheleen's quilt - bound!

She also made the two sunflower blocks on the Quilter's Patch quilt. That leaves one block left in the center, which is her homework for this month. 

Quilter's Patch

She's also been messing around with her embroidery machine, and these look AMAZING. She used heavy thread for the stitching, and they look crocheted. 

Katheleen's machine embroidery

I'm also working on Quilter's Patch. I got two more blocks done this month. I have a few more blocks to make, but my goal is the sunflower block next month. Any progress is good and having a deadline with money on the line is a huge motivator. 

My Quilter's Patch blocks

Here's Dede's quilt. Oops - it's sideways, and I can't turn the darn picture. Her goal was to put the border on, and it's done!!! This was one of our group projects from a few years ago. 

Rosewood Cottage

Linda pieced this quilt top. She worked on the English Paper Piecing blocks last year. I LOVE this quilt top - it's so fun and summery. 

Linda's summer quilt top

And here's another panel that Linda got quilted and gifted! Oh yes - we are going gangbusters to get stuff done. 

Christmas panel

Her goal for next month is to make some gift bags from these amazing fat quarters. 

Linda's fat quarters for gift bags

Lynne has finished all the machine embroidery on her Dream Big panel. She has faced it, and it looks amazing. 

Dream Big panel

Laura is finishing off her Over and Down Under quilt. She decided to add an extra border on the top and bottom, so the quilt is no longer square. The binding is made, and the backing is done as well. Ready to go to the long arm quilter!!!

Over and Down Under quilt

Elaine has finished this quilt - I can't remember its name, but it was also one of the projects we did several years ago. And NO - there is not a theme going on here! It's not my fault, they didn't finish their projects as I taught them! The binding is on, and it's a wrap!!!

Elaine's quilt

She also finished a couple of hand-embroidered ornaments. These were purchased YEARS AGO as kits. I think lots of people bought these kits and they look very cute all finished! 

Hand-stitched ornaments

Diane is working on an applique quilt. There are cat heads fused onto the blocks. Four heads per block! Yikes - that's a lot of applique shapes. If you remember my Snail's Trail quilt from a while back, it was supposed to look like this. I decided to nix the applique and made extra blocks. 

Cat applique blocks

She's doing a straight stitch around the applique shapes, and it looks great. Once she is done with the cat quilt, she also has a dog quilt to make. 

Cat applique detail

This is Sharon's PIecemaker calendar quilt from 2000. Oh, yes - over 20 years ago! BUT the best news is that she's almost done. The border is stitched on. 

Piecemaker Calendar quilt 2000

She has this large tree to applique in the bottom left corner, but she's getting so close. The quilt is exquisite. 

Large tree to applique

Jane has been busy binding quilts. This one was started many years ago. Yes - there's a constant theme going on here! 

Jane's quilt with the binding done

This table runner got quilted, and I think it needs to be bound. 

Winter themed table runner

And this is one that Jane worked on with one of her school (pre-COVID) groups. It's a great quilt, and now it's bound as well. 

Jane's second quilt - bound

Shelly is working on Winter Wonderland and working through the hand-embroidery. This is the longest block, and there's a LOT of stitching. But her selected section is done. 

Shelly's hand-embroidery

And she'll be working on another section for this coming month. 

Next section to be stitched

Ronda had a table runner and a wall hanging that needed to be quilted. 

Ronda's two projects for the month

She uses her embroidery machine to do the quilting, and they look amazing. The table runner is DONE, including the binding. 

Table runner - DONE

Here's a detail of her stitching. 

Detail of the quilting

And here's the wall hanging, which is also bound! 

Winnie the Pooh wall hanging - DONE

Here's a detail of the stitching. 

Detail of the quilting

So you have to love the UFO Club. Many of these projects have been hanging around for years, and I have to say that I feel so much better knowing that I have a plan to get them done. I'm not starting new projects unless it has to be done, so I'm getting ahead of the game! And that makes me very happy. 

Don't forget that there's another post on QUILTsocial for the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q. I love this machine!!!  

On that note, I'm out of here. 

Loads more going on today, and well, I'd better get started. 

Have a great day!!!


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