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Classes and clubs for 2021

I've got the details figured out for the ongoing classes for 2021. Here's the overall concept of these classes. 

  • The classes will take place on Zoom and consist of a one-hour lecture format. 
  • The Show and Tell will be compiled in a PowerPoint presentation, which is like having a front-row seat. 
  • We start with Show and Tell and then move onto a discussion for the homework for that month. 
  • The classes will start in January and occur monthly until November. If the pandemic lockdowns continue, then we'll hold classes in July and August; otherwise, I hope we're all off on vacation somewhere. 
  • The Zoom sessions will not be recorded. 
  • There will be a Facebook group set up for each class to share your blocks before the monthly Show and Tell and to stay in touch with each other.
  •  After class, you'll get a written version of the homework for the month. 


For the project(s) that you are interested in, please read the details carefully. There are different stores and me hosting the various projects, and you must contact the correct shop (or me) to get on the list. If you require more details, please email me ( directly, and I can answer them for you.


All in a Row Again


There are 23 different rows in the book. We'll cover all the rows, and you can decide to make a small project (like a table runner, placemats, etc.) from the blocks in the row or make a single quilt. There'll be loads of tips on making row quilts. There's loads of room to experiment and learn new techniques.

 Cost: $25 for the year + book

Book: You need the book and should be able to purchase from your local quilt shop

Sign up by sending me an email at I'll send you more information as we get closer to the date and instructions for sending the class payment.  Please include the word ROW in the subject of the email.




100 Modern Quilt Blocks - Tula Pink's City Sampler


There are 100 blocks in the book with several different settings for the finished quilt. It's a great chance to play with a new colorway, or use scraps, and make this quilt your own. We'll be looking at ten blocks per month, but they are easy, and you don't have to make all the blocks.


Cost: $25 for the year + book 

Book: You need the book and should be able to purchase from your local quilt shop. I've seen it at Thimbles and Things(Orillia) and at the Indigo near my house. 


Sign up by sending me an email at I'll send you more information as we get closer to the date and instructions for sending the class payment.  PLEASE include the word TULA in the subject of the email.



Urbanologie by Sew Kind of Wonderful

Sign-up at Oh Look Fabric - Milton    (905) 691-7765


This quilt, designed by the team at Sew Kind of Wonderful, uses the QCR Mini ruler, which means curved seams. WAIT! The curves are gentle, and there's lots of wiggle room to trim.

There are also blocks with no curved seams.

 Several different settings for the blocks are included in the book. Or you can get creative and design your own version.  

 There are lots of modern and contemporary block options in this book. And if you bought that QCR Mini ruler and didn't know what to do with it – this is the perfect opportunity to learn what it's all about. 


Bonnie & Camille Quilt Bee 

Sign-up at The Hobby Horse (905-877-9292).  You can view the information on their website, and all the sign-up instructions are on that page as well. 

This book is brand new, and there are loads of blocks for you to create your own quilt or make the quilt, as shown on the cover. It's a great way to use up scraps or find a coordinated fabric collection (fat quarter bundle!).  There will be loads of tips on color/value/scrappy or not/pressing/piecing/cutting - you name it - we'll cover it. 


Sign-up at The Hobby Horse (905-877-9292).  You can view the information on their website, and all the sign-up instructions are on that page as well. 

The challenge in the 72 blocks in this book is the size - they finish at 4". But WAIT - none of them are that challenging, so it's a good introduction to sewing small. There's one applique block in the center, so we'll be touching on several applique techniques. If you don't want to do the applique, then made a few extra blocks. If this isn't your coloring, here's a great opportunity to think outside the pattern and create a brand new colorway. I can't wait to get started!


UFO Club


YES - the UFO club will continue, and even if we get to meet in person at some point, I'll continue with the club on Zoom. So you can participate wherever you are. The UFO Club has been a HUGE MOTIVATOR to get those older projects done!!!!  The cost is $125 for the year. Each month that you complete the assignment that you gave yourself, you'll get $10 back. So if you get all your homework done, the class technically costs you $25. A great motivator!!!!

There's still a spot or two left, so be sure to sign up soon so I can get the schedule set for next year. The class takes place on Sunday AM at 11:00. If we have too many for one class, I'll schedule a second class that will also take place on Sunday AM. 

If you want to sign-up, send me an e-mail with UFO in the subject line.



Also - there's going to be an EQ8 club. Once a month, on Sunday, I'll host the EQ8 club. We'll be chatting about different features of EQ8, and guess what? Yes - you'll have some homework using that new feature. It's a great way to learn EQ8. This is NOT a full-on class, but you'll get some directions for you to explore the highlighted feature/theme during the month. We'll start with Show and Tell and then move onto the fun. 

This will take place via Zoom for the entire year. The cost for the club from January to June is $25. 

If you want to sign-up, send me an e-mail with EQ8 in the subject line.


Also, there's going to be a club on Machine Embroidery. This is a club and will occur on Sunday. More details to follow about that. But we're going to discuss stabilizers, best practices, how-to's, where to find the best products/files, and maybe even touch on some embroidery software. There's also a cost to this club - $25.00.  Send me an e-mail with EMBROIDERY in the subject line.


There will also be a Virtual Retreat once a month. It will be Saturday evening from 6 - 9 PM EST and Sunday from 10 AM - 8 PM. There might be some shorter ones from time to time, so you will just have to follow the blog to get the information. The Zoom links will be posted on the blog. 


I'm going to add a HANDWORK Sit n Sew. This will likely be on a Sunday. More details to follow, but I'll start by posting the information and the Zoom link on my blog, and once we get a nice group assembled, the Zoom links won't be on the blog anymore, so be sure to send me an e-mail about that, and we'll make it happen.  Include the word HANDWORK in the subject line.


 I'm excited about the line-up of classes.

 Since all the classes take place via Zoom, ANYONE ANYWHERE can participate. That's so much fun, and we've gotten to meet some wonderful people that we would not have met otherwise. 

 I have no idea how to make this a PDF, so if anyone wants a PDF of the classes, you could e-mail, and I'll send it to you. 




Remember -- if you want to sign up for a class (please note that three of the ongoing classes require sign-up at a quilt shop), send me an email at In the email subject line, indicate the name of the class for which you are signing up.

If you want to sign up for multiple classes, send a separate email for each class with the subject's keyword. I use an automatic filing system for my e-mail, and multiple classes in the same e-mail will only get you registered for the class listed in the title. My filing system will ignore all emails with NO CLASS TITLE in the subject. 

I'll send you the instructions for sending an email transfer to pay for the class.

I know some of you have already sent e-mails, and I'll acknowledge them shortly and start creating the class lists. 

There will also be several one-time classes, and I've got a great line-up. I'm just finding spots to plug then into my calendar over the next 6 months. So watch for those before the end of the year. 

On that note, I'm out of here today!!!

Have a super day!



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