Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Summer Moon Show and Tell

 It doesn't look like summer outside, so it's a good day to talk about Summer Moon! This is one of the ongoing classes that we ran through The Hobby Horse this past year. The book is by Carrie Nelson. 

Summer Moon by Carrie Nelson

The concept in the book is quite unique. Take 24 blocks. Make three blocks of each, but in different sizes - a 5", 6 ½" and 8" - these are unfinished sizes. Then you add framing to make the blocks the same size! It was a challenge, to say the least, and LOTS of little pieces. 

Some people didn't start but just collected the notes, and a few started, but, well, I haven't heard from them for a while. I'll be following up with them, and hopefully, they'll make a project out of what blocks they did make. 

But just over half the class ended up with a finished or almost finished top, and that's a good thing! I noticed from my blog this morning, that I didn't post many of the pictures as we progressed throughout the year. Oh well. 

Sophie only made one size of the block as she added to a Christmas themed sampler that she had already started. Here are a few of her blocks. That fabric combination is gorgeous!

Sophie's' blocks

Heather used one of the fabric collections shown in the book. It's the "modern" version of the two quilts in the book. I see that Charlie has approved the quilt! 

Charlie approves the quilt

Here's the quilt without Charlie. It's beautiful, and I think she's contemplating adding a border to make it a wee bit larger. There's always a problem with fabric requirements when the author works for a MAJOR fabric company. Heather bought what was listed in the book, and of course, there's a lot of fabric leftover. These designers don't care about fabric requirements at all. 

Heather's Summer Moon

This is Anne Marie's quilt. It's beautiful and all ready to be quilted. And yes - it was "fun" to arrange those blocks so that you didn't end up with all the small ones next to each other. Or that you didn't put the heavy blocks together.

Anne Marie

Another rebel in the class. Val decided to only make the large blocks. Then she got creative with the sashings and the layout. She used 30s fabrics for the quilt, and her goal was to use them up. It sounds like she had only a small amount of fabric left. YEAH!!!!!   And it's quilted, and all that's left is to put the binding on. 


Kathi has all the blocks made. They are laid out, and the rows are sewn together. It's almost done! It's so darn hard to get good pictures, but hopefully, we'll get one when she can hold it up! Again, a soft and pretty quilt. Although she does have some neat fabric choices in there. 


This is Carol's version. The fabrics are a bit brighter or more value contrast. It really is a sampler quilt, and I love how your eye travels over the entire quilt - looking at all the detail. 


This is Cathy's quilt. She ran out of the fabric she was using for the sashing, so not all of her blocks are the same size. So she's putting this together with all the blocks that are the same size. She'll have to come up with another project to use the other blocks. Again, a few darker fabrics, but it looks awesome!


This is Lynne's quilt top. Look at that great combination of blues/teals/purples—a very cohesive coloring. I'm going to throw a challenge to Lynne. The next top she makes has to be outside her comfort zone! Of course, not being able to easily shop for fabric doesn't help the situation. 


Jana's quilt has a totally different colorway, and it's gorgeous. It's a muted grey and burgundy. I might be off with those colors, but it looks so different from the others! She's in the process of sewing it together. 


And here is my quilt. The lighting makes it look much darker than it really is. I've got two sections on the left sewn together and need to get to the other two sections as I really need that design wall. I'm thrilled with the results. 

My quilt

And there's our show and tell for Summer Moon. These classes are so much fun. I have all the pictures and blurbs ready to go later this week so you can see the offerings for next year. Some fascinating options, and ALL of them will be on Zoom for the entire year, so no need to worry about attending. Even on a snowy day, we can have class!!  If you want to see what The Hobby Horse is offering without waiting, check out the link above and go to the $25 Zoom Club for 2021 tab. 

I did get out and get a good number of errands done yesterday. Yep - the day that we get snow. But the roads were in good shape, and people were driving with caution. And I guess with fewer people on the road, it made for easy getting around. Still, those errands took THREE hours. Imagine if I did that every week? I'd never get anything done! 

I plowed through one stack of paperwork. I didn't quite get everything done but made great progress, so I was happy. And if I owe you an e-mail or a quilt, I'm behind. Way behind. I'll be going full speed next week, and my plan is to get everything done. It just might be a bit late. 

I was a little miffed at one point as I had to pick some quilts up from someone to quilt them BEFORE Christmas for her. We had set a date and time for yesterday. She doesn't have a car, and I thought I'd be nice and pick them up since she doesn't live too far away. I was running a bit behind and called to tell her that. She's NOT even home. Could I come back in an hour? I said NO and hung up. I was a bit disturbed that I go out of my way to do her a favor, and she's not even there. I'm going to charge her to pick up the quilts when I do so next week. 

All she had to do was pick up the phone and say, - can we change the time. I'd have been delighted with that!!


Don't forget that you can read all about the new Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q on QUILTsocial this morning. Check it out.   These are some pretty amazing functions and features, and I LOVE them all. 

Well, I'm out of here. Another crazy day!

Have a great day!!!


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  1. Great quilts everyone!

    Yes, we certainly are a "me me me" society these days. You have every right to charge her for pick-up if she can't be bothered. Maybe a surcharge for the "before Christmas emergency" deadline as well? Especially since she has now caused a delay.