Friday, January 26, 2018

Almost back to normal

I'm happy to report that things are almost back to normal. If there is such a thing. I actually sat down and started a new book last night. The training days are long and I've got a long commute (although with the toll highway, it doesn't take too long) and I just needed some time to just veg out for a bit.

Today is the last day of the training and then I'll let you know all about what happened this week. It's pretty exciting, but a lot of work. But what endeavor do I undertake that isn't a lot of work?

I'm still in the process of finishing off those items that need to be done before I go away next weekend. I think there were 14 things on the list. Let's see - the blog posts are done. Check! Pattern written, proofed and sent via e-mail. Check! Quilt photo to another magazine. Check! I'm down to eleven things and I was working on one of them last night. I have to get my class prepped for tomorrow. I'm a tad behind on that project, but I think I'm in good shape and hopefully, we'll finish a bit early today so I can get some more done tonight.

I'm not good at keeping up with the homework for those ongoing classes, but it wouldn't be good if I didn't have it done for the first class! I'm super excited about these classes. I believe both of them are full or very close to being full. It's going to be good to touch base with some new students and catch up with ones from past classes.

Oh - I don't have much else to say today. My brain is going in several directions and I still have to proofread a document for a magazine. I didn't write it, but I need to proof it TODAY!  Funny how so many things came due at the same time.

One of my favorite fabric collections is this one called Letterpress by Northcott. Have a look at what Jean Boyd did with the leftovers. Hint - I've used this collection for a couple of upcoming quilts in magazines. I really should keep a list because there are several quilts that I've sent out that I haven't seen yet so there is more coming down the pipe. I can think of three off the top of my head, but there could be more. I'm not very responsible!

Anyway, that's it for me today. I need to get on the road.

Have a super day!


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