Thursday, January 25, 2018

One by one.............

One by one those things that need to be done before I leave for my weekend getaway is getting done. I finished one project last night and that one was HUGE so that felt really good. Almost to the extent that I didn't know what to do with myself. Seriously???

I did a little bit of cutting last night in preparation for the weekend classes. I'm super excited about those classes and can't wait to get the projects started. It's going to be loads of fun. Those are the on-going classes at the Hobby Horse quilt shop that I mentioned the other day.

Here's a question for you all - for those of you in the area - is anyone interested in doing an applique quilt? As part of my ongoing classes in the past, one of them has been an applique pattern. This year, both projects are pieced or focused on quilting. I've had a request from past students to run an applique class. If anyone is interested, drop me a note and I'll see if we can arrange something.  Here's the pattern that we were thinking of doing.

Autumn Quilt by Heart to Hand

I got the one pattern written that needed to be written. I'll verify it tonight and that will be one more off the list. I love lists!

I'm enjoying my training class, but at the same time, I'm wondering if I've gotten myself in over my head. It's going to be interesting. Right up my alley, but a lot of prep work. And lots of learning! But I'm super excited about the opportunity. I shall let you know on Monday what's going on. It's all good - only part-time so I won't miss out on my Monday sewing days! That's a good thing.

The DTox thing is going great. I'm sure some of the food combinations I'm eating for lunch may not be approved, but that's OK. I'm doing the best I can. Actually, I'm not doing that bad considering how bad of a sugar junkie I am (was?). I really don't mind the decaffeinated tea with no sugar. It's fine and it's HOT. I just have to figure out how to not cave with the sugar thing. I need a trigger or something. Think about how many times you pop a mint in your mouth after a meal. Or a little nibble on something. And have you noticed how many food commercials there are EVERYWHERE that advertise EATING and most of it isn't healthy! No wonder we have a hard time to resist.

We'll come to that bridge next week when I chat with the program person to see where and how to go next. There's lots of talk about symptoms that you could get - headaches, bloating, blah, blah, blah. More energy or less energy and lots of other things. I haven't really felt much change but I know eating less sugar is good for me.

On that note, the week is almost over and life will get back to normal, whatever normal is around here.

Have a great day!



  1. Sounds like you will be having a blast with the classes at The Hobby Horse. Say hi from me! And have fun!

    1. Thanks lorna!! And how many days now??? And for what???