Sunday, January 28, 2018

Something new!

So what happened yesterday?  Was I

One more Row by Row License Plate

NO - I wasn't gone to Maui! Although that would have been nice. However, the weather here is just gorgeous so I'm not complaining. I was busy as a beaver in the studio trying to get everything prepped for my two classes yesterday. And I accomplished that mission, but it meant forgoing the blog. So sorry about that.  But I'm back and this week, I've got the entire week to get stuff done!

I want to focus on something very new. Actually, this week is going to be all about NEW stuff. Today it's about a NEW quilt store that just opened up on Friday. I knew it was opening and I've had a couple of electronic conversations with Andrea, the owner. But I had some time to kill yesterday and I decided to pop in.

Here's what it looks like front the front! Don't you just love that name!

Storefront for Oh Look, Fabric!

Well, let's go on in, the sign says OPEN.

I love it in inside - it's bright, it's airy and nice modern colors for the decor. The fabric is very modern and solids. There is more fabric coming in - hey - it takes a lot of cash to open a fully stocked to the rafters quilt shop. There's a nice selection. I don't have a lot of this kind of fabric!

Fabrics for sale!

She also has some handmade goods for sale in the shop from various artists in the area, basic supplies, like batting, interfacings or stabilizers (I didn't exactly check which ones), zippers and notions. She has some clothing patterns and she has MODERN knits!!  YEAH!!!  I know that is not normally my cup of tea, but I'm really really wanting to try to make some T-shirts.

I had something specific in mind when I went into the shop which wasn't exactly the best thing to do. I didn't find what I was looking for, so I got all this instead!

Oops - look what jumped into my shopping bag

See that cute llama fabric? Perfect for the backing of Elizabeth Harman's Lloyd and Lola which is on my radar screen to make. The blue with the triangles is my knit fabric and a few other goodies as well. I was going to make a table runner (that was my original thought), but I think I'm going to do something else with what I bought. I'm going to design something. I've got a couple of ideas in mind. And after I left, I thought - oh crap - I should have bought enough to make a truly MODERN quilt. Well - that's an excuse to go back! I need to learn!

The address is 221 Main Street in Milton. There's parking on the street, not sure if there's parking in the back - I didn't ask. But it's downtown Milton, not far from the pet store where Murphy had her dog training - as if that did any good! There is a Facebook page as well. There are some videos of the shop in setup progress as well as one with all the walls shown. She has some very cute quilts hanging in the shop - no patterns yet, but they are on the way. Also designed by a local artist. I really really want the one with the face shot on it. Look at the video. It's very cute.

Make sure you check out the shop and say Hi to Andrea. Let's support our local shops!!!!  Check out the hours - she is CLOSED on SUNDAY and MONDAY. I notice that she opens at 11 AM during the week and closes around 6 or 7. Now that is smart so that people who work have a chance to get there.

That's it for today. It's just me and the girls this week and I have a LOT of stuff to do. More on what else has been happening tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!


In case you're wondering about the Row by Row plate, I got that from Ronda, who got it from a friend who in fact had GONE TO MAUI!  Thanks Ronda!

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