Friday, January 5, 2018

Garage sale

I'm the program coordinator for our guild. I do believe this is my third year and now that I have a wee bit more time, I can actually dedicate some time to getting things in order for the rest of the year. Things like sending out contracts etc. So if you're waiting for a contract from me - it's coming!

Last night we had scheduled a garage sale. It happened to be a bitterly cold day and I was thinking who is going to come to shop? Obviously, I underestimated quilters!

Ronda and I arrived at the center about 6 PM. We both had items to sell. I wasn't selling my stuff but another guild member's stuff. No time to even consider putting something together from my stash. I think I'm busier than when I was working. How the heck did I have time to work?

So we arrived at 6 PM. We set up our stuff and got the check-in and selling stations organized. No - that's not true. People started to arrive and SHOP before we were completely organized. It was insane.

People were arriving at check-in and people were wanting to buy! 

Let's say this is how Ronda and I saw the meeting. The room we meet in is a long room. Ronda and I were pretty much at the end of the room at the opposite side of the door. Out of the corner of our eye and when there was a break in the line, we saw people come in and then before we knew it, people were checking out their items, the room emptied and it was just her and I left. What happened? That was the fastest guild meeting that I've ever seen!

Now if anyone thinks that Ronda and I scooped any items - nope - I don't think we ever saw any of the items for sale, except our own! And of course, we saw it as the people were buying, but it was too late at that point. I did buy ONE thing from Ronda and managed to pay for it at the very end of the evening.

Batik kit

I think we balanced all the items - what was sold with what wasn't sold so that is good. Now I've got to count up the money. Yeah!  That won't happen today as I've a few things are more urgent than counting that money. But here's how much of a vacuum I live in. At some point, someone handed me two $10 bills. WHOA - these are not normal $10 bills. Apparently, there is a NEW $10 bill. Who knew?  Not me!  I don't work much with cash anyway, but I didn't even hear about it on the news. My brain only has room for the NEED TO KNOW stuff like quilting stuff.

I think the event was very successful and I know that a lot of people got rid of a lot of stuff. Things that they no longer wanted and a lot of what went was AWESOME stuff - there were some amazing kits that went for half price or less. If I had of been able to shop, I would have bought more, but someone else beat me to the punch and I'm OK with that.

Just looking at The Task Master this morning and oh boy, next week is almost completely booked and I found out that there is another quilt due on Feb 9. I got half of the sleeve sewn on the other one and I'll finish it this morning and zip over to UPS to get it sent out. Thankfully only a couple of errands to do over the next couple of days.

M and I had a couple of errands to do yesterday and then because we're also getting ready for the tuffet class, I had to prep some of the foams and the upholstery batting. I didn't have time to finish off the batting, but I got some of the foams ready and those people were picking them up from me last night as well. Totally chaos and I had to document all the money flying around or I'll forget who paid for what and who picked up what!

It's pretty cold out there this morning. - 21!  But I know that is nothing compared to what some other people are getting and with the wind chill, well - it's a tad chilly. I don't think the girls and I will go for a walk this morning, but don't tell them. They are going to be ticked!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!


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