Thursday, January 4, 2018

Mixed up

I'm not sure what happened, but I swear we had a meeting last night about the leash free parks in our city. On the way there, I picked up a hot chocolate - I know I shouldn't have, but I did. When I arrived at the meeting location, I was certain that I recognized another lady walking to her car. Was the date switched to next week and I didn't know?  Yep, when I walked in, that was the case. I'm glad it wasn't only myself or I would have been a wee bit ticked. However, I was excited that I could go back home and relax although I did waste 40 minutes in the car on the way there and back.

But, I'm thinking I shouldn't have had that hot chocolate as I was wide awake in the middle of the night. After lying in bed for one hour, I decided to get up and move more stuff in the studio and make some lists of things that have to be done. Needless to say, that messed up my morning routine as I slept in!

I got the binding done on TWO quilts yesterday. And here is the picture of that navy blue backing with the yellow thread.

Yellow thread on navy quilt back

I got the sleeve made and pinned on and I was going to hand stitch it last night at the meeting because I'd like it to be in a box this afternoon. I guess I'll do that this morning instead of paperwork. Have to be flexible with the schedule!

I did make good progress in the studio though. I'm very happy with that and because I moved things around in that storage room, I'm in really good shape. Now the trick is going to be remembering how nice it is with things put away and NOT buy more because there is room! CODEWORD - CLUTTER!  We have a garage sale at our guild meeting tonight. I don't mind to buy stuff, I just want to make sure that I really need it and can use it! I already have a kit set aside for me!

While I was puttering around in the middle of the night, I was working on NEXT week's list of items for The Task Master. YES -  that is correct, I had a bunch of stuff to write down as I've made very good progress on this week's tasks and there were things I didn't want to get forgotten and didn't want to wait until Saturday when I normally sit down to make that task list. I needed backing for two quilts. I wanted solids in very particular colors and wouldn't you know when I went searching through my bolts of fabrics, I found BOTH exact colors. I might be a wee bit short on one, but I'm going to find out later today. Now, that's how it's supposed to work. Shop Chez Elaine FIRST - then make a list to shop elsewhere! I'm super excited about that!

Today, I hope to finish TWO of the 7 quilts that need to be done ASAP, and just got another one assigned yesterday and I must remember to write these items in a finished list for 2018. And take pictures!

I have a couple of random pictures to share with you since most of what I did yesterday, I can't share with you. Not yet!

I got a new orange teapot from M.

Orange teapot
 It's much brighter and a wee bit bigger than the one that I currently have. So when we have "sit n sew" next week, we can have tea from the orange teapots!

Two orange teapots
 I do have lots of room in my kitchen cabinets so no problem there.

When I was at Len's Mill a couple of weeks ago. Oh - I didn't share with you what I bought there. I'll have to one of these days - it wasn't very much that I bought. But I saw this at the cash and I couldn't help myself to buy it.

Cute little boot

I have a thing for small shoes. No idea why - I just like them. So when I got home, I added it to my hiking backpack. Why? Because the rest of my small shoes are attached to the backpack.

HIking backpack
I know - you're thinking who in their right mind would ADD unnecessary weight to their hiking backpack?  Only me and that girl from the book WILD!  Now that there are four shoes, I may take them off, but I had started with the hiking boot and it looked cute on the backpack!

One of the things that I hate are these very elaborate and beautiful paper gift bags. This one came with my gift that DH bought me. Not only did I get one of these bags, but I got TWO. It really burns me that they make all these fancy bags (the name is on the other side) for marketing purposes. What about the environment?  It's such a waste and the bag is so small that you can't really reuse it for anything.

Check out this article to see how huge the problem is. It's disgusting!! We've always reused gift bags and even the tissue paper (especially if it was just for us). I still have bags and boxes and tins that we used from when M was a baby!  We didn't use any of it this year and even M is taking her gift bag home so it can be reused next year! Good girl!

Laura, whose son works at CBC, is going to see if any information can be found on that quilt I mentioned yesterday and I have two offers for a VCR. No, I don't judge!!  Shelley!  I'll be down when I need to buy that extra fabric!

On that note, I'm out of here for the day!

Have a super day!!!


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