Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mondays are the best!

I'd forgotten how much fun Monday was! It's so exciting to spend the entire day with the Monday ladies. The way the holidays fell, we hadn't met for a couple of weeks and I was getting cabin fever! So despite the fact that the roads were very slushy and it was still snowing, I hopped in the car (after shoveling the driveway) to get to sewing!

A great day full of laughs and lots of good conversation.

I went mostly prepared. You can get so much more done when you're prepped and everything is cut. OK - so I wasn't completely prepped, but I had enough to keep me busy. What did I work on? Stuff that has been sitting in The Task Master for a while.

I started to work on the 150 Canadian Women blocks last year and well, I didn't get too far. I think I made it to block 25 or somehwere in that neighbourhood and the project got abandoned. I had more blocks cut out, but no time to sew them.

Yesterday I sewed SIX blocks and crossed two items off from a week in the 2017 Task Master lists. Can you imagine if I rewrote that item every week? No - leaving it unhighlighted is best for me. This project wasn't urgent, but I didn't want it to get forgotten.

Six blocks from 150 Canadian Women
When I was tidying up over the holidays, I came across a couple of projects and rather than put them away, I threw them into the Monday bag. While I should be working on those UFOs, I thought it would be fun to do something different on Monday. I managed to get all the HST triangles for this next project completed. It was a bit of a pain as you had to make so many with this color combination. Then so many with another color combination. I didn't quite finish them at the sewing day, but I was fired up when I got home, so I finished the HST. They are bagged and ready for next week. 

Half square triangles - DONE
 I was so fired up after a wonderful day that I decided to cut the rest of the quilt. I got everything cut except the main background (the blue). That is in the Monday bag and I'll see how much of it I can get done next week.

I still have another 6 blocks of the 150 CW already cut so no prep required for that one.

Quilt top is cut except for the background
 Last summer I visited a quilt shop and while I was mostly good, I saw a quilt hanging on the wall that I loved. The colors are gorgeous - it's a winter quilt. Oh my - they had one kit left!  Yep - I bought it and it was on the table when I was cleaning up so I threw it into the Monday bag. Not even cut out!

Kit for a winter quilt
 The kit was very well made - all the fabrics were labeled. The little labels were stapled on so they wouldn't get lost. I was very impressed.

Well labeled kit
I was still on a roll after cutting that other quilt that I decided to cut this one as well. I didn't cut the borders or the main big parts. I'll do that when I'm ready to piece that part together. But I've got stuff prepped for next Monday. No need to worry about what to sew next week. Just grab that bag and go!

One more project prepped for Monday

What were some of the others working on? Claudette brought this in for show n tell. I think she ended up sewing this together twice! We don't need to go into why, but it looks amazing and I think she had a border to add?

Nice scrappy quilt
 Sheila was working on this applique quilt. It's a lot of work - a LOT of work. She managed to get the very fussy two outer borders on and there are MORE borders to be added!

Bunnie quilt
 Then there is Jan. Ah, Jan - we love her to death, but she is obsessed with all things that have lots and lots of pieces. She is working on the current Bonnie Hunter Mystery. If you've ever done one, you know what I'm talking about. Make 200 flying geese, make 500 HST, etc.  It's insane! I started two - not finished either one, but one is on the list for 2018. I vowed to myself to NEVER start another one!

Bits of the mystery quilt
 And here are the blocks and the sashing!  I do love the color combination and I think it will be a gorgeous quilt when completed. But I'll just admire Jan's quilt and call it a day!!

Blocks and sashing for Jan's quilt

I have a ton of work to do today. Oh yes - I should say that I have another finish today. I got the sleeve sewn on one of those wall hangings last night. One more to sew today. And I should have been working on the urgent quilts yesterday but that was my fun day! I won't say what has to be done by Sunday night next week because it would make you want to lie down, so I'll spare you the details until they are completed!

On that note, I don't think much paperwork is going to happen this week - there's too much sewing to do! It's all because that darn longarm is scheduled to leave next week and there are quilts that have to be quilted before it goes.

Have a great day!


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