Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It just doesn't get any better than this

I think I've gone and lost my mind.

First I have to say that I'm very good on the focus part of things these days. I spent pretty much the entire day working on these quilts that need to be done. An imminent deadline does that to me. I made super progress despite the fact that it could have been a boring task. I had to make a lot of the same unit - I can't share - you have to wait for the quilt to be shown in the magazine. It's a very nice quilt, but a few fiddly bits involved. I got all the fiddly bits done while I was working on the fiddly bits (partial seams) from another magazine quilt. OK - so I could have focused on one at a time, but it didn't take much to use the partial seam as a starter for the other fiddly bits and I was good.

My goal is to get both quilt tops completed today. Yikes - that is going to be a huge task because I have a few errands that need to be done. Well - that's what happens when you slack off as both of these tops have been sitting here for a couple of weeks in various stages of completion. OK - the really fiddly one, I cut out yesterday!

But all is good, I'm happy with my progress. No pictures yet.

I did have an errand to do yesterday. I signed up for this DTox program at the gym. Why? I'm not into eating super healthy. Well, I've decided that I really really would like to get rid of the sugar habit. It's not good for me and I need to get my act together. Yesterday was weigh in and a chat with the dietician. OK - so we have a couple of pounds that got put on over the last two years of working - those have to go and the body fat - well we won't talk about that. It's not pretty!

Then we went over what I eat and for the most part, I'm a pretty healthy eater, but for the next four weeks - no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar. I'm supposed to have a shake for breakfast every morning. This first week is to get organized - thank god. I don't even have a blender so I used my immersion blender this morning and that worked fine. So maybe I don't need to buy that $600 Vitamix (on sale from $800). But I'm thinking of the future?  Not sure about that one - for the moment, I'm using what I have. Unless M decides to buy me one! I didn't have all the ingredients for the smoothie but I improvised with what we had in the house - all good stuff. Today I go grocery shopping. The smoothie isn't bad tasting. I'm surprised because sometimes those protein powders are gross. I could get used to this. No more Tim's - I drove past without even a glance this morning.

I went to spin class this morning. Joseph's is the BEST spin class ever. He's a very unassuming guy, but he makes you feel guilty as heck if you're not working hard. I was over 30 K this morning. I feel great - no I feel like I can conquer ANYTHING today - like those two quilt tops! I was starving when I got back to the house, but a few sips of the smoothie and I'm good! The worst part of the whole thing - we have to write down what we eat. Oh - so there is no cheating allowed as I have to check in again next week.

It's going to be a busy busy week. I have two things in the evening this week and I'm not going to be able to make either of them. There just isn't time to mess around as I have to prep for the tuffet class on the weekend and I have to buy another roll of batting. I have to finish cleaning up the studio for the sit n sew - almost done that as well.

I promise I'll have photos tomorrow. I have to let you know about some upcoming classes.

On that note, I'm off to the grocery store and the studio!

Have a great day!



  1. Elaine. I have a big blender that sits I the closet, ha ha. Bought this little one at WalMart for $20.00 it makes one smoothie and you drink it out of the cup you make it in. easy peasy.
    Pat D.

  2. Elaine - check out the Nutribullet - a better size for the smoothies - I just got one - paid about 150. Does ice as well.

  3. We have a Ninja blender. Very powerful and way less expensive than a Vitamix