Saturday, January 6, 2018


I'm not much of a complainer about the weather, but even I'm getting tired of the cold. This is intense! We often go out for dinner on Friday night, but I wasn't budging from the house.

Yesterday was a pretty productive day - I spent the entire morning on EQ8 designing quilts. I love that part, although it's time-consuming as you try to come up with something that looks nice and is simple. I love the touchscreen on this computer - so much fun to use my fingers as a painting tool. I got five submissions ready in a new format which I figured out all by myself and I was good to go with those. I love EQ8, although there are still a few times when I feel lost as I search for a tool, I'm learning that they are ALL on the screen - all I have to do is look. No longer are they hidden within menus. I needed the snipping tool to get some screenshots for the submissions and the icon for the snipping tool kept disappearing, but I figured out to make it stay within the reach of my mouse. All by myself! Yep - when I have the time and no one else to bug, I'm pretty self sufficient with technology!

I got the magazine quilt done and it's in a box on it's way to the US. As there will be more, I need to find a good source for boxes that suit this size of project. Not too big, because the bigger, the more you pay in shipping. That was my FIRST finish for 2018.

I have another sleeve to stitch down today and then two bindings and sleeves that have to be finished applying - also today. This weekend is going to be totally insane as there is a lot of finishing stuff to do and one more URGENT quilt popped into my radar screen yesterday. Oh boy - well, the next week is going to be silly and then I should get some peace and quiet for a while. As if!!

I did have a couple of errands to do yesterday as Miss Lexi will be happy to tell you about. I got home and although it wasn't cold in the house, I really felt like hibernating, so I curled up on the couch with a couple of quilts, a book, and my iPad and I was happy as a clam until I fell asleep. DH wants to know how I can sleep and still hold my book in my hands. Hm - no idea, lots of practice?

On that note, I've got to get ready for the day. We didn't go for a walk or to the park today - it's too darn cold! Maybe this afternoon, we'll go for a walk when I need a break from the computer. I've a ton of photos to edit and upload. Which is why you're not getting any photos this morning! Everything isn't for your eyes yet!

Have a super day!


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