Friday, January 12, 2018

Forming habits

The good news is that I survived Day Two of this D-Tox. I have to say that it wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. OK - so I'm two days into a 30-day program. I'm loving the smoothies - it took me all morning to drink the one from yesterday which probably isn't the way it's supposed to work. But that's OK. No need to find something else to eat. Then light lunch. I find the afternoon is the worst time but I need to eat a more protein-rich lunch. That's when I would want a snack and I'm eating fruit. Still sugar, but not refined sugar. And then for dinner, I made a chicken salad with apples, celery, and avocado. It was amazing!

Chicken salad
 And I'm on my third glass of water this morning. There's only one person who is going to gain from this experience and that is me! I think I'm worth it to get through this. And hopefully, a few new habits will be formed. I might have to be like a recovering alcoholic and NOT ever touch chocolate again. I'll see what happens when I get to that stage. I'm not missing it - just the fact of having something to snack on. So I'm thinking it's the snacking that I crave, not the chocolate.

I ran around for a couple of hours yesterday morning and got all my errands done. I had things to pick up including another HUGE roll of upholstery batting. This is the LAST roll that I'm buying. Once that's done, that's it for me for tuffet kits. Don't worry - you can make a LOT of tuffets from this roll.

Upholstery batting

It's now downstairs as I have some prep work to do today for the class tomorrow.

I've got a couple of updates for you as well. Remember how I said that I had started using this sewing machine skirt to hold my three basic tools? I had tried to use it in the past, but I struggled to keep my tools in there. But then they were falling on the floor or I couldn't find them under my project so I decided to bite the bullet and use it. Well - I'm liking it!

Pointy bits are pointing UP

And so another habit has been formed and it's a good one. Except, you can see the danger - my tools are pointing UP because it's very difficult to get them into the pocket because all the ends are pointy. I think that was part of my problem before. 

Thanks to Katheleen, who found this great solution and now I have a small plastic container in there so the tools slip in very easily and no pointy bits up or down. I LOVE IT!!

A small container to hold the pointy bits
 So what did Katheleen discover that worked like a charm?   Can you guess????  It's from an air freshener.  If I were going to make a new skirt for the sewing machine, I might put a wee gusset in the pocket that will hold the container. But the container fits perfectly in the pocket that I was using and it's brilliant. Thanks again Katheleen!!!! 

Here's another update on something that I talked about a while back. Remember when I fixed up my applique tools? Remember the glue that was clogged and basically unusable? I cleaned everything up and hadn't touched the stuff since.

Yesterday, I needed the glue, which has been sitting upright since I cleaned it up.

Applique glue
The glue practically ran out of the container. I've NEVER had the glue run so smooth. It was amazing and made my applique job very easy!!!

A nice bead of glue

Who knew that keeping that container upright would make such a difference.  Of course, I figured that out but my container wouldn't allow it so I kept it on its side. Isn't it funny how we continue to do things even though we know they aren't good for us?

I'm still working on my quilts. While I made good progress, I'm nowhere near being finished. So I called and rescheduled when the long arm would go in for servicing. I think it's a delay of 6 weeks, but that's fine by me. While the pressure has been somewhat alleviated, it hasn't gone away as these quilts all need to be done ASAP, but now I don't have to panic while doing it. I feel better.

I'm learning a lot about my work habits. I can be very focused and have been very focused these days. Very focused. My issue is that I write too many things in my Task Master and so not everything gets done. I need to back off and only write the MOST urgent of things in there for the next couple of weeks. The only problem is that there are those FIVE quilts that need to be done very soon!

I did get the sleeve entirely sewn on that other quilt so that makes FIVE finishes for this year. Just need to get a picture of it and the last finish and I can completely cross those off my list of things to do!

On that note, I'm out of here. Lots of work to do today but the critical thing is to get those tuffets prepped.

And I should mention the weather. What's with that? We had loads of snow in the morning and by the end of the day, it's all gone! Except where I had shoveled. It's pretty weird that it went so quickly. I did my errands without a jacket yesterday - I mean it was 13 degrees!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


Oh - Miss Lexi wants me to let you know she blogged today.

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