Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Quilting archives!

I have to say that it felt good to get back to my routine yesterday! I had been ignoring some paperwork and I made a good stab at two of the items. There will be some follow-up for both, but that's OK - let's get these things done and off my plate as there's a lot more waiting to be processed!

Part of the routine is getting back to the gym. I pay a lot for that membership, I might as well make good use of it. So I was off to my favorite spin class this morning. Oh, my - I think I might need a nap later today - that was a tough class and I pushed myself, but you know what - it felt awesome when it was done! I did over 29 K in the hour, worked hard, my knees protested a wee bit, but that's because the darn things are rusty! A nice lounge in the steam room and I'm set for anything today! Plus it means I got to stop at Tim's on the way home to get tea!!!  I've been very good and making my own tea here at home. It really is time for a change and to make new routines!

I'm looking into some meditation, yoga, and strength training classes as well at the gym and a detox program. I'm not sure if I can be good and follow that, but it's time to get this body back in shape. I even used my foam roller TWICE yesterday. It felt amazing and yes - it's like getting a massage except you do it to yourself. My neck needs work because of sitting at the sewing machine and the computer. I'm trying to loosen up my upper back and the foam roller is awesome to do that. I'll post pictures if you don't know what that is.

I have a couple of things to share today that I've been promising so here goes. I'll be blogging about calendars later this week, but here's a quote from my daily inspiration calendar (from last year). I love it and that pretty much sums up my life! I do like to plan, but not too far in advance! That's boring!

Fabulous quote

I'll have ELEVEN people sewing in my studio next week and while it doesn't look too bad there are some trouble spots. As a result, I've been tidying up. Now here's the thing - I've come across things that in the past, I just shoved away in a new home, but this time, I'm actually trying to get rid of the stuff or in fact keep it because I want it, not because I don't have time to deal with it.

Here's one thing that I found that was interesting. Perhaps a few of you will remember this. But back in 1996??? (or even earlier), Dick Gordon from CBC was interviewing Angela Krotowski. She's a quilter from Ontario and I'm not sure what the premise of the interview was. Quilting in Canada? I think a bet of some sorts took place because Dick didn't think there were many quilters in Canada. Angela said "oh yes" and invited listeners to send in quilts blocks. It looks like 88 quilters responded and Angela assembled the quilt in the picture below. It's HUGE measuring 3 meters by 4.5 meters. I did have a poster of the quilt at some point, but it got messed up and got thrown out years ago.

A Canadian Quilt
 I wasn't able to find anything about this quilt on the internet which is a shame. I've no idea where that quilt is, but perhaps it is (or was) hanging at the CBC building? I hope it's in a good home.

In the paper that I had printed out (in 2000) was the list of names of the quilters who contributed a block. I'm sure many of those quilters are no longer around, but two (well three if I count Angela) names I did recognize. Jeannie Jenkins and Maggie Vanderweit!  Isn't that wild!!!!

Does anyone have any further information about this quilt? Where is it??  Did I get the story right?

Wouldn't it be cool to compile a book of the most "famous" Canadian quilts?  That would be awesome!  OK - volunteers????

But what are the chances of this happening? This quilt was made or spearheaded by Angela and when I was cleaning up, look what I found. This is a pattern by Angela for a miniature flower block wall hanging and there is one block already completed. Not by me!  I inherited it from somewhere. Now that fabric is very dated, but it's a cool pattern. Any takers?

Flowers in Miniature by Angela Krotowski

Part of this mess happened as a result of needing an electrician. We have a number of light switches that need to be replaced. Yes, we could do it ourselves, but I'm not into electrical stuff. I knew that I had a bunch of switch plates and switches hidden away in one of the storage rooms so I spent some time yesterday digging them out. As I was doing that, I decided that all the tools and other such stuff needed to be in one spot. How logical is that? Because I moved that stuff, I made more room in the storage room so I was able to put a few more boxes and bags from the studio area into the storage room. That was a bonus! But I came across stuff that I thought needed to be dealt with. You know - the odds and ends that you have no idea what to do with.

Odds and ends to deal with
 I found this box with stuff from my sewing machine. I think it was when I started the Halloween project. Bobbins, a screwdriver, the presser foot ankle, felt pad and other odds and ends. All are in their rightful home now and the tin is empty and in the empty tin spot.

Bits and pieces of my sewing machine

Here's a picture of the item that I wasn't allowed to put in the giveaway box. I made this little Easter basket for M many years ago. She used it when she did her Easter egg hunt at our house. I have put it away to keep, just in case! Her reaction was so cute - "you can't throw that away! You made that for me and I used it!"  Fair enough! By the way, I have to say that it's nice to have M at home. I know it's only for a couple of weeks and I get weepy thinking about the day when she gets back on the plane, but that isn't for today! I still need a lot more cleaning and sorting from her before she goes!

Easter basket that we are keeping
 In cleaning up the storage room, I stumbled across another basket of odds and ends. For gosh sake - could I not deal with this stuff at the time?? My old worn out mocassins that I was going to keep. Why? Was I going to repair them? They were very worn out. Was I going to keep the beadwork? Maybe, but it wasn't intact any longer. They are now in the garbage. A tote bag with a handle that had been sliced in half. Seriously??? We have so many reusable totes, I won't ever need to get or make a new one for the rest of my life! And there were lots of other little stupid things and I've dealt with most of it, but I still have a few things that need to be addressed this morning.

More odds and ends
 Do you know how good it feels to be doing this? I'm in my glory and even if it doesn't last all year, it's great to know that I'm at least getting this much done. While this isn't all necessarily quilt stuff, it does have quilt related stuff mixed in. Look at what else I found!  This series of a CANADIAN quilt show that was done in 2001.  I never watched it, yet I spent close to $100 for the tapes. What is wrong with me???

Canadian Quilt TV series

I'd love to watch it just for fun. The only problem is that I don't have a VCR.  Anyone have a VCR and wants to binge watch this show with me??  And when I'm done - does anyone else want it? Otherwise - it's history!

I did get the magazine quilt quilted yesterday. I was very brave and on the solid blue backing, I used yellow thread! Looks pretty cool and if I can remember, I'll take a picture.

Things are progressing very nicely in the tidy up area, the quilting area, and the paperwork area. Could it be that I have at last found my groove? I needed that time taken out of my day (by going to work) and now I'm forever grateful for that experience and what it taught me about my extra 50 hours each week. I think I'm making good use of them!  And I get to spend the evening doing NON-quilt stuff like reading or puzzles. I'll show you what I've done there on another day!

I'm so warmed up from that bike ride, that I feel like I could go outside to walk the dogs without a jacket, but common sense will prevail and I'll put a coat on!

Hae a super day!



  1. No judgement,pls- I have a vcr still handy to the Tv and there is a spare one in the basement so I can loan you one to watch your programm, Oh I could bring it on retreat with us!!

    1. OH MY GOD!!!! No worries - while the retreat would be a great time, how easy is it to bring the VCR and a TV???

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