Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sit n Sew

If you've been following me long enough, you know that I used to host Sit n Sew days at my studio. That was a number of years ago. I used them as fundraiser days when I did The Ride to Conquer Cancer. I used to do the pressing and seam ripping for the group. And I even made them lunch!

Well now that I'm a free agent, I'm back to hosting the Sit n Sew days and this past Sunday was the first one of 2018. We had a full house and it was awesome to sit and sew and chat with everyone - some I haven't seen in a while. I do thank everyone for coming! Loads of fun and lots of laughs and lots of work got done!

I have room for 11 people to sew in the studio and all the tables were full. I'm having another one this Thursday and there are a couple of spots open if anyone is in the area and wants to have a fun day.

Now that the days are not fundraisers (I don't want to commit to a huge event like The Ride to Conquer Cancer), I get to sew along with the group and they have to do their own pressing. It's not that hard!

So what happened?

Well - I can't reveal all - you know - what happens at Sit n Sew stays at Sit n Sew, but here are a couple of shots of everyone working away.

Hard at work

Intensely at work

And more hard work
 I think Ronda got in every shot - how did that happen?

I need to get my act together because I didn't get a lot of pictures of what they were working on - in fact, I only got one picture of what the others were doing! And that happens to be Ronda's. Well since she is giving this project to me (as if!) but it's the cutest little log cabin project ever. Those little blocks are 2" finished. The blocks are itty bitty! And I love them!  It turns out that quite a few people bought this same kit - now how come I wasn't invited to buy that kit? Well, no worries - I can recreate those templates in EQ8 in seconds and I think I have enough fabric to make this up!  Thanks for the "offer" Ronda, but I don't need your blocks!

Ronda's log cabin blocks
 I managed to get a little bit of embroidery retraced onto those snowmen blocks. I think I mentioned that a while back.  Used that darn blue wash-away pen and it disappeared with the humidity in the air (after MANY years of sitting), so now I used I fine permanent marker. More on that another day.

Then I got out the sewing machine and started to piece. All 48 blocks are made for one of my UFOs from last year. I need to buy some cream flannel to put between the blocks. I now have a shopping list - actually there are three things on my shopping list. That means I can go to a quilt store. BUT - I'm only allowed to buy what's on the list.  I mean - really - do I need another kit or pattern or fabric. I think NOT!

Flannel blocks - DONE
 Do you know what this little gizmo is?  Liz made them for us - it's a pipe cleaner tool to clean beneath the bobbin case in your sewing machine. Awesome - I was wanting something like this. I use Q-tips which are not good because of the fiber on the ends and sometimes, those ends come off in the machine. My service tech would have a field day with me if he knew! Now I have a great tool for cleaning and I think that both machines I'm using are due for a good cleaning. Actually, I'm using three different sewing machines these days!

Pipecleaner cleaning tool!
 Isn't that weird - using three different sewing machines. As quilters, we get asked from time to time, how many machines we have. You see people with multiple machines, but how many do they use? Well, I have five sewing machines myself and one loaner and I use two of mine on a regular basis and the loaner all the time. So three backups - that's good!

Once I finished piecing (and those flannel blocks are trimmed as well), what's up next? I didn't want to touch my Monday sewing bag because then I'd have to prep something else, so I dug out a UFO for 2018. A Bonnie Hunter mystery from 2013 - Celtic Solstice. This picture doesn't do justice to the brightness of these blocks. I'll take a better picture later today.

Let's just say that I struggled with the first two blocks and sewed one of the four patches in the wrong orientation. But I got those fixed and now I have five blocks correctly sewn.

Five blocks of Celtic Solstice
 All the components of the quilt are in this box. I'll be glad to get this one done as with all the extra fabric (in case I need to make more components), this project is taking up a lot of real estate on my UFO shelf. I think I'll work on this at the Sit n Sew days, but I have to pay attention or I'll be ripping again!

All the components for the blocks in Celtic Solstice

This quilt is one of two Bonnie Hunter mysteries that I have on the go. These two will be the only ones. Too much repetition for me and I've done my fair share of mysteries - time to move on.

After everyone left, the room was quiet and empty! Normally I would start cramming everything back in, but not this time. Nope - I've left everything where it got stashed and this is how the room looks this morning.

Sewing studio this morning
After I got home from Monday sewing (more on that tomorrow), I needed to get a quilt top done (don't ask but it's urgent for a magazine - it's on the long arm ready for quilting this morning). It was fabulous to lay the top out and measure it, cut the fabric and pin the borders on and not have to move anything! Yep - going to try and keep it this way. I think my Virgo tendencies are kicking in - in high gear.

I did notice that Ronda left her big quilt top behind once again! The quilt is becoming a permanent fixture in my studio. Maybe she is leaving it for me?

Ronda's quilt top
 I love how she tried to blend it into the magazines!

Blending into the magazines

However, it needs the backing put together and then I'm supposed to quilt it for her! I'm guessing she's left it for the next Sit n Sew day. It's kind of funny when you think about it. This quilt top is HUGE and then she was working on her little log cabin blocks!

It's been ONE week on the D-tox program. NO chocolate and NO refined sugar and NO caffeine. How did I cope? Pretty well actually - I'm meeting with the Program Coordinator at the gym this morning. She had better be damn proud of me! I'm proud of me. I've barely had a cup of tea all week. And it was green tea or herbal tea if I did manage one with no sugar of course. Could my habit be cured? I don't think I'm out of the woods yet. But I'm a convert for a smoothie for breakfast - that's the best thing! 

Well - I'd better get my act together - I've got an insane day - well the entire week is insane.  I still have room in some of the Sit n Sew Days so if you're interested and in the area, send me an e-mail and I'll provide you with the dates. The cost is $5.

Have a super day!



  1. You were mentioning the thing Rhonda gave you for cleaning behind bobbin area, etc. I bought something similar that has a velcro end on it- the grab part of the velcro. It is actually made for sticking down the drain to catch any hair clogs, etc. Well I found out they work perfectly for cleaning out lint as the lint sticks to it. I just pull off the lint and go fishing for more. works wonderful. I use it on my long arm and my sewing machine in the bobbin area.

    1. OH --- that is amazing. Can you send a picture?