Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Quilter's Patch - Take Two

Before I get to the show n tell, I have a couple of things to mention.

I went to my meeting with the D-tox program coordinator. Let's get the worst part over with - the weigh in. Lost 2 pounds (yeah), but more importantly, lost THREE percentage points of body fat. I'm not sure if I believe that one, but I saw it with my own eyes. I must say that I do feel and see a difference. I'm happy with the results and so was the coordinator. That keeps me in the average body fat index, but closer to the fit category! Once this program is over, it'll be time to hit the gym and really start pumping iron to get that fat percentage back where it's supposed to be! Enough muffin tops for this girl!

I had a trunk show last night and I was going to meet up with a couple of people before the meeting to have dinner. I left at 3:30 PM. The dinner reservation was for 4:30 PM. I have no idea what the problem was yesterday, but the traffic was a nightmare and took me 2 1/2 hours to do 36 KM. I could definitely have biked there faster. I never made it to the restaurant, but the girls bought me a beet salad that was delicious!

The trunk show was on group quilts and boy, I seem to have a lot of wild stories about group quilts! But the madness before I left in trying to locate them all! Some are in the finished quilts pile, some were hanging on the walls, some on the staircase railing, and some in the "to be quilted" buckets. Thank goodness for lists - it was easy to find the unquilted ones. Oh - some were in the "to be finished" bucket - those were a tad harder to find since everything had recently been moved, but I located them all!  I'm thinking that as I decide what quilts to quilt, I should be quilting those that are part of my trunk shows so I don't have to dig through those tubs! Because now, once I bring that giant suitcase back into the house, I have to put everything away! And it's harder to put the unfinished projects away than it is to put the finished projects away!

And now back to pictures of the Quilter's Patch quilt. I searched the second camera and found some more photos which I'll try to post tomorrow since I'm not working on anything today that I can share with you. I made good progress custom quilting on one of the magazine quilts. I was hoping to be further along, but I'd say that almost half of it is quilted. That's a job for this morning as it desperately needs to be in the mail by the end of the day.

Quilter's Patch by Edyta Sitar

At this stage, the quilt was starting to be pieced together. Of course, I don't remember whose is whose, but let's have a look.

Flowers, a fence, and a cat!

A fence

More flowers, fence, and a cat

Another fence

Bright colors on this one

Another flower, fence, and cat combination
 Hmm - I thought there were more people who swapped out that cat!

Wood grain fence, flowers, and the cat

AHA - there's a pink poodle amongst the flowers

Flower blocks

The sidewalk and one piece of the fence

The sidewalk and the cat

The sidewalk and the cat

The sidewalk block

Another dog!

And who knows where the final pictures are. They could be on my phone, but the cord to check the phone is in the car. You see, just before leaving the house yesterday, I realized that my phone was almost dead. That's what happens when you have a new phone and you think you can go for days without charing it! Oh, shoot - I had to take the cord and plug it into the car to charge on the way. 

Then because it was sunny and warm, I thought I would take a few minutes before leaving to pair the phone with the car. Yes - even though I've had the phone for a while, I never paired it with the car (Bluetooth) so I could use the handsfree. Now before you panic - I just never used the phone in the car! You know where this is going! I try to add the phone but the car is telling me that I don't have room to add another phone. Seriously?  I can only have one phone on the list? Then why ask me to list the phones or allow me to say the command when I can't add the phone! Then I had to figure out how to delete the old phone. And as I'm getting more frustrated, my voice is getting sharper and terser! If only those devices could talk back!  I ended up getting the old phone deleted, but no time to add the new phone so still no Bluetooth in the car. Hopefully, I can get that figured out today. I don't know how many times I started and didn't get the right commands. Sometimes, I wonder how I even manage to operate anything technically oriented.

On that note, I realized that I didn't post my work from Monday - that will be for tomorrow and I'll load the rest of the Quilter's Patch the day after and hopefully, I'll find the pictures from the final show n tell.

Have a super day!!!


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