Sunday, January 14, 2018

The calm before the storm

I'm a procrastinator. If something needs to be fixed or repaired, I'll find every excuse to not do it. At least right away. I'm not sure why I do that, but I do. It's like people who decide to paint their house before they move. If you would've painted while you were living in the house and did all those little fix-up jobs, you could enjoy them instead of getting them done for someone else.

While I'm not making any promises, I'm going to try and get some of this stuff done. Like getting those light bulbs replaced although I see that the one that I replaced in the kitchen is out again. It might be the fixture. Oh well, I've got a list of things for the electrician to do - just need to book an appointment with them.

Years ago, I bought a teak desk. It's so long ago, I don't even remember what year I bought the desk and chair when I started to go to university and I wanted to have an "official" desk to study at. I'd never had a personal space like a desk before. I'm going to say the year was 1981 - somewhere in that range. I've carted that desk with me wherever I've moved - not that I've moved a lot.

There's a small piece of trim that fell off the front of the desk a while back and I will need to glue that back on - that's a job for when this office is a bit tidier. It's become even worse as we try to clean up Ms spaces. And it will get even worse until I start dropping off the items at the pet shelter and clothing, etc.

However, the chair which has got a lot of use was getting a little bit worse for wear. I think you can see what I mean.

A tad worn!
 This is the original fabric on the chair and it's been like this for a while. I won't say how long, but it's been a while. OK - a LONG while.

Oh - I've had the supplies to recover it. I had a piece of foam and I had a nice piece of decorator fabric that I bought at Fabricland - a LONG while ago.

Replacement bits!
 It's been hanging around in the office for a long time. Time to deal with this and so in trying to be efficient with my time, I realized that it would be a snap to use the pneumatic stapler that we use for the tuffets to fix my chair seat.

That meant that before I headed out yesterday, I had to remove the old bits. Let me tell you, they stapled completely around the perimeter. I mean the staples were practically touching each other.

Got to remove the old bits
 A pair of needlenose pliers and a wee bit of elbow grease and I was good! But look what I found when I flipped the chair upside down. A note from guess who!  Not sure if you can read the date.

A note from M
 Dated Dec 14th, 2007.  I think that was the day that she and her friend went around the entire house and put little notes on everything. With a permanent marker on the wall - behind the clocks, behind pictures and I'm sure we still haven't found them all! GRRR!
Yesterday was our monthly meeting for the West End Modern Quilt Guild. I love this group and everyone is so sharing of their knowledge and their show n tell. I didn't get any pictures - I might grab a few from our Facebook page. BUT - the registration for the Riley Blake challenge was happening at 10 AM yesterday. So when the e-mail for the registration came through, some of us stopped to take a moment to sign up! And as I knew would happen, by the time I got home later in the day, the registration was full!!!  The challenge looks fun - any challenge is fun! Now to source the rest of the fabric online!  I"ll post more when the fabric arrives.

I'll talk about our tuffet class tomorrow. When I got home from the class, I still had to finish cleaning up that studio as there are going to be 11 of us sewing in there today and still a tad too much stuff hanging around.

This is what it looks like this morning. Everyone gets their own table to sew, I've got this ironing board and a second one set up near the long arm. I think we're good to go!

Sewing anyone?

Look at those inviting empty tables

Even Manni (in the background) approves
 In the past when I've had these sewing days, I'd squirreled stuff away and the moment they left, I'd bring it all back out. I'm LOVING the empty space and you know - I might leave all the stuff where it is and bring out the one or two current projects and just leave those hanging around. I'm not sure - I had to tuck it all under the long arm (thank goodness, I moved all that pet mat stuff a while back). I'll live with it for a few days and see how I feel.

Oh - so you're wondering about the chair seat. Have a look!  I LOVE IT!

The new chair seat

The fabric matches the teak wood beautifully and believe it or not - it matches the walls in the office! Not going to show you the back - it's nowhere near as neat as it was originally. I don't care in the least - who the heck is going to see it. Hey - there's been a note under my chair for over 10 years and I'm only seeing it now. We have to learn to NOT sweat the small stuff!

I'm not going to call the chair a finished item for the year because it's not quilt related, but it definitely goes on the list of "yeah me" jobs! Now what else needs to be repaired or replaced?

I think I'm on day four of this D-Tox thing. No tea yesterday - there was no time and I never even thought about it. Sweets?  Nope - didn't even think about those either - well maybe once when I got home. But I packed my lunch and took my smoothie to the meeting and I was good to go. Really?  Could it all be this easy?  I'm not sure - I'm going to be tested today if anyone brought sweets but those will be banished to the kitchen. We're having fruit for a snack and tea (with no sugar for me!)

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!


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  1. The chair looks FABULOUS!!!! And I have one of those little note leavers too. Gotta love her!