Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Finished is better than perfect!

Sorry - no pictures again today. I've been a busy little beaver taking tons of pictures and editing them, but it's all for the other blog posts that I do.

I'm just noticing something about this keyboard. Yesterday, I was in a real tizzy as there were certain keys, like the comma and the period that wouldn't work! I was getting some other crazy symbol. ACK! How am I supposed to write when that happens? Then I checked out the keyboard in desperation and found something called "alt gr". Apparently, that turns on other features on the keyboard. Once I shut that off, I was back in business.

I did go keyboard shopping the other day. But it was the weekend and the shop was busy so I didn't have a chance to chat with someone as time was short. However, I'm noticing that today, the touch of the keyboard seems to be better. It was so sticky and mechanical before, but now the touch seems to have loosened up?  Oh - I'm sure that is only in my mind! I don't have time this week to deal with it so we'll see how I feel next week.

Hopefully, I'll be done all the blog posts tonight and then onto getting prepped for the weekend classes. While I'm enjoying the training session, it sure eats into my time!

Went out to lunch again yesterday and this time, I had a burger - NO bread which I rarely eat anyway. And cinnamon apples came with it. Now that's a weird combination. I had decaffeinated tea again and all was good. So it was either the dressing or the kale that caused me to feel bloated the day before? Could it have been the walnuts? I don't have a problem with almonds. I'm not sure but this DTox program has been a very interesting exercise, to say the least. Two things I will change for sure - the smoothie for breakfast works perfectly for me. And I'll move to decaffeinated tea - NO sugar. It's actually not bad and I stole one from the tea bar to have last night! I slept like a baby! There are a couple of other things that I'm not sure are caused by a food sensitivity, but we'll see when I start to reintroduce different foods next week. Would I do this again? You bet - it's been interesting. I would say the biggest thing I have to do is to stop craving food when I'm pressed for time. Why do I do that?

In the process of getting those blog posts completed, I finished another project last night. That makes number eight for the year. Wow - that's pretty impressive I might say. Yes, I wrote it on my list. I'm pretty excited about all this finishing stuff and hopefully, there will be a lot more coming up. I can't wait for next week to have some flexibility back in my schedule even though the week is entirely booked with things that need to be worked on. I'm not big on commuting anymore! And my commute this week is on the opposite side of the city - thankfully the toll highway passes right by my house and my destination!

Must run and finish getting ready. I've got a small presentation to make this morning and I'm not nearly as prepared as I would like to be. I'm pleading the "new kid on the block" as my reason for not being better prepared.

Have a super day!


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