Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Productivity is UP

I just realized that I don't have anything new to tell you today. I'm going to make you wait one more day before I tell you what I did last week. I have some unpacking to do before I show you.

First - I want to let you all know that there is parking in the rear of the new quilt store in Milton. Oh, Look Fabric. Turn north on Martin and then an immediate left. Parking in the rear!  That's good to know. Thanks to Trixy for that information!

The other reason that I'm not sharing anything new is that I'm so excited about yesterday that I have to share that with you instead. But before I do that, I thought I would let you in on some stats about me. I use Grammarly (an add-in app) to help with my grammar and spelling on anything I write. While some people would look at it as a crutch, I look at it as a learning tool. My grammar is much better and I hope that what I write sounds better as well.  I get an e-mail once a week with some stats. This is what I got this morning.

Hm-interesting numbers. A large part of my grammar problems is with commas and my keyboard! Words get misspelled because I miss a letter. I'm still on the fence about the keyboard, but I have to say that the more I use it, it seems to be loosening up so that is a good thing. I might not replace it after all as I'll probably have to break in a new one.

While writing for me is somewhat therapeutic - I like to read, therefore it makes sense that I like to write. But even more important, I hope that the writing is keeping my brain active!

Oh - here are the stats for my top three mistakes. That, damn, comma!!!!

Yesterday was a super productive day. This is the best part of not having a 9-5 job. Not only am I super productive, but I get to spend the day with friends and lots of laughs and great conversations. Yep - I love my Mondays. What makes Mondays even better is that I'm totally prepped when I go. I have everything cut out or the tools that are necessary in order to work. That's the first thing I do when I get home from Monday is prep for the following Monday. I love to unpack my stuff and see what I did and then get ready for the next week. No rushing on Sunday night! 

So this what I accomplished yesterday.

First up was the 150 Canadian Women project. I got 6 more blocks sewn together. I think this takes me to 48 blocks in total sewn. I have the next six prepped (the red was already cut, so cutting only the white took no time at all). I noticed that I have nothing cut beyond Block 54 so next week's prep will take a little bit longer. Seventeen weeks to finish the blocks up if I can continue to make 6 a week.

Six blocks for 150 Canadian Women
 Then it was onto the next project - Quilter's Patch. I did manage to get a lot of the blocks cut out last summer, but never got a chance to work on them. Now is the time to get them done. And one of the items on my shopping list was to buy more background fabric. I got that this past weekend so I'm good to finish cutting the borders and one or two blocks that were missing background.

Two more blocks for Quilter's Patch
Here are all my blocks to date. I need to remake the one with the dogs as that background just doesn't cut it. But now that I have the new background, I'll remake it and I want to change the color of the Husky as well.

Quilter's Patch blocks
Then I had thrown something else in the bag. These blocks were made years ago. I'm talking many years! There were six that needed some applique stitched down. They were prepped and glued down, just needed to be stitched. You'll see more on that stitching later this week. Once the applique was stitched down, there was ONE curved seam per block. The curved seams got done yesterday!!!

Curved seams completed 
Then when I got home, I had to locate the remainder of the blocks which was a wee bit of a challenge. Remember how things got shifted around in that studio? I had to look in two different places and at last located the pizza box that they were hiding in. Didn't take that long. I think there are 36 blocks in total.
The rest of the blocks
 I also found in the box, one of the foundation pieced sections - obviously NOT from this quilt. And two big hunks of black fabric. What was that for? There was also one pattern sheet with the foundation pieced arcs on it, but NO pattern.

Fabric, but not pattern
I think the pattern has been missing for quite some time as I found this printout from the internet of the quilt. But the pattern? Who knows. There was no date on when the picture was printed and that's probably a good thing.

Pickle Dish quilt by Bee Creative 
 So those blocks joined what was in my finished pile and I was onto the next thing. I don't normally do sew along projects as you get so caught up in them that you don't have time for anything else, but I seem to have my fair share hanging around (150 Canadian Women) and this one which just started. It's called the National Quilters Circle Block Challenge. There are nine blocks in total. This is Block One. I have Blocks two and three cut out.

National Quilters Circle Block Challenge
 As if that wasn't enough, I was prepping for an event this weekend - not just for me, but for Ronda! She doesn't know what! More on that this coming weekend.

Then it was onto the long arm to get a long overdue project completed. I need a quilted background for some applique. That was easy - just layer two pieces of fabric and quilt. I'll be working on that this week and hope to be done by the end of the week. Plus I have one quilt that is critical to be done by Thursday. The backing is loaded and I have to give the top a good press.

Quilted background for applique
I got some paperwork done last night, but it'll be my focus this morning. I just have to clean some of this stuff up!!!

As promised, here's a picture of all my bicycle cushions. Oh, shoot - I should have added my bicycle pillowcase! Anyway, these sit in our living room and everyone who comes gets a chuckle. I like them! At least, they are NOT stored in the linen closet. I'm using them. 

Bicycle cushions

I wonder why the bicycle is always pointing to the right? Is that the accepted direction for going forward?

That's it for today. Don't forget to check out QUILTsocial today. Did you see that sewing machine yesterday??  Oh my god!!!   Today is all about some great tips on piecing.  Be sure to check it out.

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Thanks for the 150 mention. Remember about half way is when the blocks get fussier and the pieces get smaller. I'm also participating in the National Quilters Circle Block Challenge but haven't made my block yet.